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"Forensic Qin Ming": high force God self cultivation – Sohu entertainment page first: Sohu entertainment news (Maozi Wen Wu leaf Sanyang planning) jointly produced by Sohu, video and film, directed by Xu Ang day volume, Zhang Ruoyun Jiao Junyan, Li Xian starring in "Qin Ming" [forensic opera] in the online video Sohu exclusive hit. The film is adapted from the popular novel "Eleventh fingers" forensic drama industry started from the beginning has attracted great attention. But after the broadcast, "forensic Qin Ming" deliver the goods, brought a variety of surprise to everyone". Shocking case, different from the original, but distinctive design, make "forensic Qin Ming" has become a leader in the same network. Sohu video homemade drama forensic Qin Ming  , which, the network drama version of Qin Ming character became one of the hot topics of users. Compared to the original relatively honest image created by Qin Ming, Zhang Ruoyun Qin Ming has high force grid male god qualities: cold personality, strange hobby, unknown in the past…… Many users feel the forensic Qin Ming is not only the Department of forensic industry drama, but also the Department of high forced grid male God practice book.   high forced lattice male god necessary skills: a creative hobby and expertise to become a high cold male god, first of all, some people want to be different with the natural interests. The loving men of God who always cannot escape from the arts and sports category, not very high attainments in the piano, just cast a basket of hormones can cause a nuclear explosion, minutes to capture the hearts of thousands of girls. However, forensic Qin Ming is not the same, Zhang Ruoyun interpretation of Qin Ming favorite thing to do, is a person to make a suit. Qin Ming most like to do, is a person to make a suit   since it is necessary to force the grid, then simply engage in the highest! What about playing the piano well? What about basketball? There will be a high price of clothes do? Give yourself a suit, which can give full play to exercise for many years and can enjoy their time, skills, edify sentiment, it is Why not? Ah! Different from the previous screen image of police Qin Ming photographed usually wearing a suit on "Qin Ming suit" this point, the director actually have a character of consideration. Xu Ang said: in the time to do clothes, Qin Ming does not need to deal with other people, you can focus more on their own world. This is consistent with the character of the Ming dynasty. So we set the character he likes to do clothes, he made himself very beautiful clothes, dressed in decent to face the dead, thus showing his respect for the dead in the heart." Such a look, do not feel that the high force lattice forensic suit suit, this is also very appropriate?   with a knife and peel crawfish in addition to make clothes, Qin Ming and many others difficult to understand the habits, such as using a scalpel to peel crawfish, crayfish will eat a minute height to eat out of style, in the level of technology show the characters of ultra high at the same time, make it very down to earth. Up has several grades of instant delicacy. Qin Ming home a lot of books   of course, Qin Ming has a special hobby, does not mean he is not right.相关的主题文章: