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Fundamentals have not changed We want Dumbledore palm oil you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: fundamentals have not changed the October bullish oil palm oil prices rose sharply, no funds heat dissipated, despite the favorable factors for the combination of macro and micro but a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the superposition of multiple positive factors, the oil out of the trend of rising prices. From the disk point of view, the main oil monthly increase of 450 yuan, an increase of about 7%, broke through the previous maintain 6500-5900 yuan shock interval for 6 months; brown oil monthly increase of about 500 yuan, or 9.3%, the main contract exceeded 6000 yuan mark. The outer disk, BMD disk trend in less weak due to the U.S. oil monthly increase overall in 6%, after October, oil rose after all completed the pre pressure breakthrough, the daily bull trend is still good. At the end of October, the spot price of spot, with dish up, soybean oil, Shandong and East China 1 oil monthly rose 400-450 yuan to 6700-6800 yuan, East China basis bids rose slightly, palm oil spot high shock, the increase is not obvious, Southern China 24 degrees palm oil monthly fluctuations in the 6150-6200 yuan, the price of about 6400 on the basis of concussion, all showed significant decline. From the end of the spot, palm oil imports in September compared with the previous October imports continued to rise, the window open late attract buy boat increase, palm oil port stocks remained at 320 thousand tons, turnover in the doldrums, the seasonal demand from bearish, imports and inventory, inventories are still expected to slow brown rebound. Soybean oil, commercial inventories remained at 115-120 million tons of interval slowly weaken, from seasonal at the end of the 4 quarter, soybean oil stocks driven by demand tend to continue to decline, consider the soybean 10-12 months is expected to harbor abundant oil consumption to replace soybean oil and other factors, the domestic spot end whole supply compared to the international oil market is still relatively abundant. Internationally, palm oil fundamentals bullish state still exists, the MPOB report shows that in September Malaysia production of 1 million 720 thousand tons, a slight increase but a decline of 12%, resulting in 1-9 month cumulative production of only 12 million 600 thousand tons, an increase of nearly 7 years low, market is generally expected annual production capacity will reach 2 million 500 thousand tons on the line level. SOTHERN MILLERS October production forecast is currently estimated by 2.83% QoQ, monthly production is expected to be flat or slightly increase the Malay state, in late November the origin will enter the seasonal production, producing rainfall will cause concern again. Overall, the 2016 Malay brown oil production decline in Indonesia led to continued tension in the stock of the current state of mind can not see signs of improvement, the price is relatively difficult to fall. From the perspective of 2017, the maturity of the area is expected to grow by 5% QoQ, yield is expected to recover, but the yield is expected to rebound in the second quarter of, the yield recovery is still slow. theory相关的主题文章: