Gansu farmer poverty Dutch act shocked the people how to eliminate the heyday of ants

Gansu farmer poverty Dutch act shocked the people how to eliminate the heyday of ants? Wen Qiliang saw in the circle of friends of Gansu Yongle County, a family of six because of poverty and poison Dutch act news when I was at home. My home is in the countryside of Gansu. I go home this time because I work for a long time, I don’t go home, I miss my family, so I come back to see them. In my circle of friends, a lot of people were shocked by the news, and angrily accused the local government because the family has three cows without giving them a minimum. I’m not shocked, I believe that even in the so-called Jiangnan rich land, because of poverty Dutch act happens year after year even day in and day out. I like to watch the history of childhood, but also like to listen to the old people talk about the past events of the past, listen to their parents to talk about the people in the village recently. Suicide for poverty is more familiar to me than the happy life of the prince and the princess. But I can also understand people’s shock, if people do not pay attention to the real life, like watching idol drama all day, it is easy to shock. If people don’t want to read because of lazy thinking of the Austria School of economics works, only willing to listen to the European welfare policies to protect the poor every life, it is easy to blame the government did not do a good job of living like a swarm of bees. Welfare policy sounds as good as "the prince and the princess live a happy life". Poverty is the world’s most common one kind of phenomenon, if his vision in the sky, you can see that the country is such, the bustling city centre just a small point, they are in the city less prosperous region surrounded by the city and surrounded by a vast country, rich and not prosperous a common phenomenon of behoove is not rich, not the bustling masses of the real world. In the city, the face of computers and mobile phones, it is easy to ignore this point. Survival itself is not an easy thing, sometimes even very difficult. A person to experience disease, violence, setbacks, evil, all kinds of accidents, to survive is actually a fluke. In the primitive society, it is the same today. We can easily sentimental sigh so many minors Dutch act so many poor people drink pesticide, it is easy to overlook the fragile and difficult life itself. Where there is no hard life? If someone promises a society that no longer commits suicide to the poor, do you believe it? Or doubt that society may be even more miserable, so that the poor can not even want to commit suicide and dare not? There are many reasons for a family to fall into despair, poverty is the most common one; there are many reasons for a family to live in poverty for a long time, but it is not one of them to get the minimum. Subsistence allowances this kind of thing, it should not exist. It is a poison to think that the government should be responsible for the poor. Of course, I don’t think it’s all about the government. I do not think the government has the responsibility to take taxpayers’ money to give people a minimum, and do not say that I have long been aware that in the countryside to get a minimum of money is often related to the people. I think subsistence should not exist at all. If the government can privatize the land, let the peasants have the land, in tight.相关的主题文章: