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Go on the go! Suitable for family travel resort inventory! Sohu travel family travel is never an easy thing, choose a suitable resort can make the trip less trouble, more fun, easy to enjoy the good times. Whether it is skiing or North Island Resort, following several resorts, presumably can satisfy every pursuit of quality and the needs of tourists. What are you waiting for? Take your family and go on a trip together! [Maldives] Angsana Velavaru Resort is located in the center of the original Nanni Randall Atoll, Angsana Velavaru Resort has a fashionable Villa Aqua and pirate villa, let you go out you can enjoy the charming scenery of Hai Qing sand. Whether you’re looking for adventure, romance, or relaxation, Angsana Velavaru Resort will inspire you. Dolphin cruises, night snorkeling trip, looking for sharks magical underwater exploration, endless adventures waiting for you. Angsana Velavaru Resort brings you a vibrant island life experience. Recommended experience: 1, looking for dolphins from the catamaran or speedboat jump, a head jumped into the waves. Have the opportunity to watch the dolphin family. The sight of these strange mammals leaps upon the surface of the water. 2, take a banana boat and family share the joy of riding a banana boat. Feel the thrill of being dragged through the water. With every sea shock scream, enjoy leisure fun after the fall into the lagoon. 3, the water exploration floating on the interesting tube or by boat drag floating in the water. Enjoy an afternoon of family fun, you and your child just relax. Close your eyes, bathed in warm sunshine, joy in the afternoon gradually calm, feel quiet pleasure. Yi Hu Lu of Angsana join in on the island, feel the call of nature and luxurious and comfortable accommodation experience. The deep blue sea boundless sea, the growth of dazzling sea creatures, make your eyes is Muhanshenzui. Feel the thrill of trembling in the air through your nerves, all over your body. Sitting on the swing of the private garden of Maldives to ease the body and mind, with the swing of the soul swing. Gently kick the crystal clear water, watching the layers of ripples spread far into the India ocean. Can also enjoy the joy of diving in the famous ship Rannamaari, or sitting in our beach bar with elegant dolphin sipping cocktails. Come to Iraq Hu Lu Yuechun resort, the entire island for you alone. Recommended experience: 1, canoeing and kayak family. Rowing out to sea. 2, half the island snorkeling excursions. Catamaran ride. Jump on the local island. Maldives hospitality experience. Exploring the underwater marine life in Maldives. 3, participate in the protection of the program to the marine protection laboratory experts to learn. Learn how to take care of local wildlife. Help protect sea turtles, seabirds and coral conservation areas. [Indonesia] Bintan Island Angsana go barefoot in shallow waters, pick up a few beautiful shells as a souvenir. Oblique.相关的主题文章: