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God Tucao: holding millions but want to whole face ma – Sohu are now popular news to Chinese people want to pickled cabbage and the like Professor chaeKi and Obama, but there are also people who want the whole ugly…… Shenzhen guy see little Ma fire at his own expense into the whole Ma face] Shenzhen has a 90 guy decided to spend their own millions, to go to Korea to his plastic surgery ma. He is a fan of Ma Yun, has been hoping to see the "father" side, off the reel to express their admiration, but not recommended. Later on the network, little Ma Yun burst red, the young man saw the hope: now there is a big Ma Yun, little Ma Yun has, I was the middle of the Ma Yun.   suddenly remembered that some time ago that you can brush face payment, he may be the next banner.   without Ma Yun’s life, with Ma Yun’s disease, you and Ma Yun’s father had more than one face…… Cosmetic surgery can by whole brain? Ma Yun: I can not think of one day, my color value can also be a fashion trend.   in fact, I just want to know, how can there be millions of IQ?!   someone who imitates my face, someone imitates me. This year, the face should apply for a patent, such as Chen and Lin Dan, said just like the same long, how even the derailment is also imitation, the script is not to take weight?   this guy so want Ma’s face, when the circle of friends is not a small circle of Ma Ma is not good. Because Ma and hit the face, 9 year old Fan Xiaoqin suddenly burst red, even ma Dad also promised to sponsor him to college.   watching is a good thing, the result has led to a group of strangers by his hype, many people in order to earn traffic, specifically to his car to do a live broadcast, was also brought to accompany people to eat, a few hundred earn a good. "Little Ma Yun" has been used as a prop.   "Ma" where the village party secretary said: Fanjiatai 180 per person per month subsistence allowances, Fengnianguojie the sanwubo, maintained, but not optimistic about this speculation: "send a photo of something to leave! These benefits are temporary, for a long time to see their families rely on national policy." Fame portends trouble for men fattening portends for pigs, although Eileen Chang was said to be famous as, but the children of this age, most should be educated in schools, rather than his private life consumption, the commercial, let the children a sudden burst of red, I do not know is a blessing or a curse.  , who was known by the Chinese after the stunning appearance at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, is not a good thing for the little girl, Lin Miaoke. The first is because of "lip synching" storm is being questioned, and later because of "breast" events are involved in various disputes and slander, others claimed Lin Miaoke at the age of 13, the price of 70 thousand hostesses.   network too much violence, recently the United States scholars to the election results left pan network the Navy, Chinese users have said: the wall is gone, let you know what is called the Navy, you understand that you understand what is Chinese spray, and five are absolutely ignorant of you on the power of the web. &nbs.相关的主题文章: