Good entrepreneurs don’t sell combs to monks nvidia geforce gt 740m

Good entrepreneurs not selling the combs to monks Sina Finance opinion leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Zhang Weiying was thinking of entrepreneurs to make money off, will have a very thorough understanding of human nature. Jobs does not engage in market research, but there are a lot of people to buy his products. Real entrepreneurs should not make use of human weaknesses to make money. You can sell a comb to a monk, you may sell it successfully, but it makes use of the human weakness to make money. Good entrepreneurs are not the core to sell combs to monks of Entrepreneurship: innovation, adventure I study entrepreneur for 30 years, the first article on the entrepreneur’s article published in the September 1984 "reading" magazine, 32 years now. But I really do not dare to give a definition of entrepreneurship, which may be due to the nature of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is not an ordinary person can fathom. I summarize several entrepreneurial spirit, such as he can see the opportunities for others to see, can not think of ways to think of others, others do not dare to do things, solve the others did not solve the problem, such a spirit, that we can be called entrepreneurs. Just talked about innovation adventure, in fact, can be understood from this point of view. You have to do what others don’t dare to do, which means your failure rate is very large. Most of the people we should say is the habit of too observant of conventional standards. in accordance with established guidelines, work. Some people did not love him and love out of the ordinary, too observant of conventional standards., this spirit in today mainly in the business, because we generally talk about the entrepreneur is business entrepreneurs. Of course, we are also in other areas to see entrepreneurs such as political entrepreneurs, institutional entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and we really do a good job of a university is to entrepreneurs, such as Cai Yuanpei. In fact, each of us has a little entrepreneurial spirit, because we will always face some unexpected problems to be solved. Of course, we are not everyone can become entrepreneurs, as everyone can sing, but not everyone can become a singer, so entrepreneurs or a special crowd, he in the human proportion is relatively small, this is the first thing I want to talk about. The progress of the future society, entrepreneurs still rely on imagination to promote the second point, we all human development can almost understand show and play for the entrepreneurial spirit. One hundred thousand years ago, our ancestors of modern humans out of Africa to a completely unfamiliar world, then to Asia, America and Europe, which requires the entrepreneurial spirit, so it is not difficult to understand Chinese abroad is also very entrepreneurial. Because of the universality of the spirit, we also see a lot of entrepreneurs in the real world. The entrepreneurial spirit is repressed in our human long river. In Chinese, one of the main ways we suppress the entrepreneurial spirit is the imperial examination system, we will most people with entrepreneurship education mode, imperial way to attract government service for the emperor, it is too observant of conventional standards. waste of human resources, this huge. When)相关的主题文章: