Guangdong introduced 35 opinions on the implementation of state-owned enterprise reform

Guangdong introduced the reform of state-owned enterprises opinions of 35 Chinese securities network 9 reporter learned from the Nanfang Daily, on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises to implement the views of the introduction of Guangdong Province, put forward the classification promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, adjust and optimize the layout and structure of state-owned capital, state-owned enterprises to promote innovation and development, to promote the state-owned capital operation, improve the state-owned assets management system, the development of mixed ownership economy, strengthen supervision to prevent the loss of state assets and other requirements, including the opinions 35. The views put forward, to encourage qualified state-owned enterprises listed on the new board, strong support of listed companies; existing platforms listed companies through private placement, asset replacement, the main business realize the overall market; promote the strength of the state-owned listed companies through mergers and acquisitions, to achieve the strategic industry involvement, the development of competitive industries; to encourage qualified state-owned enterprises to realize the core business of the overall market through IPO backdoor, etc., so that listed companies has become an important organizational form of state-owned enterprises. According to the views of the state-owned capital investment fund to encourage state-owned enterprises according to market principles to explore the establishment of "mother Fund + sub fund" mode, the state-owned capital as a guide, multi-channel and multi form to absorb non state-owned capital, focus on the important pillar industry, major public projects and an important livelihood projects, according to the strategic needs of the promotion of state-owned capital orderly retreat. Encourage qualified state-owned enterprises to attract non-state capital to initiate the establishment of industrial investment fund, investment operation, strategic, forward-looking and innovative industrial projects, play a leading role in the province’s industrial investment fund industry in transformation and upgrading. Support state-owned enterprises to establish and improve the equity financing mechanism, reduce corporate debt ratio. In the promotion of the shareholding system reform, the views put forward to increase efforts to reform the group level, and actively introduce various types of investors to achieve equity diversification, and vigorously promote the reform of state-owned enterprises listed, to create the conditions for the whole group of companies listed. According to the functional positioning of different enterprises, the proportion of state-owned shares should be adjusted gradually, and the operating mechanism of the diversified ownership structure, the behavior of shareholders, the effective internal constraints, and the operation of highly efficient and flexible operation mechanism should be formed. Allow the transfer of some state-owned capital into preferred stock, in a few areas to explore the establishment of a special national management system. In advancing the state-owned enterprise reform mixed, the views put forward for appropriate to continue to promote the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises, we should give full play to the role of market mechanism, adhere to due to the policy, because the industry policy and implementation strategy for enterprises, should be alone is alone, should control control, appropriate ginseng is ginseng, not to engage in administrative life so, do not engage matchmaker, not to engage in full coverage, do not set a timetable, to promote a mature one. The views put forward, to encourage non-state-owned capital investors through investment shares, the acquisition of equity subscription of convertible bonds, stock exchange and other means, to participate in the reorganization of state-owned enterprises, state-owned listed companies to increase their investment and business management. The implementation of the same rights, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate interests of all shareholders. In the field of electric power, railway, telecommunications, resource development, public utilities and other areas, the introduction of non state capital in line with industrial policies, is conducive to the transformation and upgrading of the project. Encourage state-owned capital to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts have the advantages of industrial capital docking, and downstream industries.相关的主题文章: