Guangxi to do a good job with the central inspection teams to inspect the &quot Guangxi; look back a lightscape

Guangxi: cooperate with the central inspection teams to patrol Guangxi " look back " work related reports: "the central inspection of Guangxi and other four provinces are" looking back "" "Autonomous Region Party Committee visited the" look back "after the" 7 units stationed in the Guangxi news network Nanning on November 8th news (reporter Wei Heng) in November 7th, the Party Committee Standing Committee the autonomous region held a meeting, in-depth study of the important speech of General Secretary Xi on patrol work and the eighteen session of the eleventh round of the central inspections mobilization meeting spirit, study do related work with the central inspection team visited the "look back" to Guangxi to carry out the. Autonomous Region Party Secretary Peng Qinghua presided over and spoke. The meeting stressed that the relevant departments at all levels should conscientiously study and implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi on patrol work, practical thinking and action with the central requirements for new inspections, closely around the party’s leadership, comprehensive deepening political inspection strictly, to resolutely safeguard the leadership of the Party Central Committee of the CPC and the core authority as an important task, a firm political direction, improve the political stance, find political bias. To strengthen the supervision and inspection by the inspection party organization, the party’s political life and political discipline and political rules of the implementation of the party constitution, Party discipline as the ruler, do a comprehensive "examination" of the party organization, with a good system of weapon strictly. In order to further strengthen and improve inspections Autonomous County Party committee, establish a standardized and efficient inspection system, to patrol and patrol the organic combination, promote comprehensive, strictly implemented at the grassroots level. The meeting noted that the central inspection teams to carry out inspections of Guangxi "look back", fully reflects the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi as the core comprehensive strictly determined and Guangxi attaches great importance to the work of our region, is the implementation of the comprehensive strict responsibility again comprehensive inspection and rectification work to inspect our region a comprehensive study, for both of us is the supervision of love, is also a spur power. We have the spirit of being highly responsible to the cause of the party and the people’s attitude and firm comprehensive strictly, serious cooperate with inspections, strictly abide by the discipline inspection, and consciously accept the supervision and inspection earnestly, truthfully reflect the situation, carefully controlled investigate and fulfill the main responsibility for the rectification and inspection "look back" to provide a good environment, to ensure that inspections the work carried out smoothly.相关的主题文章: