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Guizhou private enterprises significantly the effectiveness of poverty alleviation and nearly 40 thousand people round – rich dream beijing new network in October 30 Guiyang Xinhua: Guizhou private enterprises significantly the effectiveness of poverty alleviation and nearly 40 thousand people round rich dream author Li Xin "before working on the outside, there are what things have to take a few days off to catch a few days to get home in." Hezhang County, Bijie City, Luo Zhou Xiang Niu Hui Rao in the female villagers eating baked potato said. Previously, Rao army out of work for a long time, but also because it can not take care of their families. Today, Rao Jun has been engaged in the home potato planting. Now harvest is better, to take care of their parents at home, let the children go to school, much more convenient than before." Rao Jun said. At the beginning of 2016, Guizhou Panjiang group twinning in Hezhang County, in planting, breeding, processing, education, infrastructure and other aspects of integration has invested 3500 million yuan. At the same time, according to local conditions, helping vegetable planting, processing of agricultural products, poultry, beef cattle, potatoes, walnuts and other six cooperatives implemented more than 10 projects, directly driven by 290 1238 people out of poverty and income, project benefit more than 1200 households of more than 5000 people. Panjiang group helping impoverished county poverty is a microcosm of Guizhou poverty alleviation. In 2015, the Guizhou provincial government put forward the "thousand enterprises help thousands of villages" poverty alleviation action plan, with private enterprises as the subject of helping, in poor villages for helping object, by signing in pairs, village enterprises build, as the main form of mutually beneficial cooperation. In 1 years, more than 1000 private enterprises across the province to mobilize the twinning of more than 1000 poor villages, boost impoverished village accelerate deficient process in the "13th Five-Year" period. After more than a year of helping private enterprises to play their own advantages, the use of industrial poverty, poverty alleviation, employment, poverty alleviation and trade intellectual poverty, donations and other means, the private enterprise capital, technology and talent advantages and poor areas of ecology, land, labor, resources and other characteristics organically, really help the poor people achieve at home employment, income increase. In the long Puding County of Anshun City, Chang Xiang Xiushui village, the reporter saw the whole village tourists stop to take pictures from time to time to take on an altogether new aspect. Guizhou Xingwei group of Xiushui Village side, the village has become an employee, a round of the dream job. Villagers Li Ying happy to say: now do not have to leave the home of the elderly and children to go to a distant place to work, at home will be able to obtain employment, both to take care of the elderly and children at home, but also to make money." According to the Guizhou Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, preliminary statistics, as of now, Guizhou province has 1920 private enterprises to participate in Guizhou’s poverty alleviation work, twinning and 2014 poor villages, a total investment of about 12 billion yuan, the implementation of assistance projects 447, to achieve the employment of 39336 people out of poverty. Private enterprise innovation poverty alleviation model to further enhance the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. As Anshun private enterprises in Puding refining the "Xiushui five shares" model; private enterprises in Bijie Hezhang county to help poor households build, raising the base, realize the scale of operation, production orders and recycling base. Such as相关的主题文章: