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Hangzhou 84 year old man went to the hospital with the medical records of 1964 Hangzhou Wu uncle due to thyroid cancer after surgery, radiotherapy part of scar tissue exudate, accompanied by the family to review the tumor hospital of Zhejiang province. So that the presence of medical staff was surprised, he brought the medical records have been yellowed, actually in 1964…… The old record of a 1964 Wu uncle to bring the old records, is the use of the tumor hospital of Zhejiang province open hospital, the hospital is also found that the best preserved outpatient medical records. Hangzhou tumor hospital outpatient records "India cover" (the tumor hospital of Zhejiang province’s predecessor) words, can still see clearly written "first time is September 19, 1964, also detailed records of the patient’s name, gender, age, service units, detailed address, nationality, occupation, marital status, clinic number, hospital number, number of radiotherapy and diagnosis. Zhejiang Provincial Tumor Hospital, vice president Professor Guo Liang carefully examined the uncle, uncle asked exudation sites as long as dressing can be explained and some other notes. He told the uncle: "better overall treatment effect of thyroid cancer, generally after 20 years survival rate is about 90%, so you like Uncle 52 years after operation the general condition still so good, really rare." Professor Guo Liang said that in recent years, the incidence of thyroid cancer continues to rise, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment is still the key, cancer screening is an important means of early detection, ultrasound is an important means of screening for thyroid cancer. He recommends that thyroid ultrasound be performed every year, especially with family history. If thyroid nodules, must be timely medical treatment, regular follow-up. The residents eat kelp, seaweed, shrimp and other coastal areas with high iodine food. When the surgeon has passed away time dates back to May 1964, when the 32 year old Uncle Wu could feel a lump in his neck in the hospital staff suspected thyroid cancer. June 19th, he went to the Hangzhou cancer hospital and diagnosed. For a young man, he was completely overwhelmed. After a week of consideration, he was willing to receive treatment, when he was president Li Tingyi surgery for him. Because Wu uncle has 5 neck lymph nodes, a lymph node metastatic thyroid cancer, need to be synchronized with radiotherapy. Many patients can not bear the pain caused by radiotherapy, the treatment will not continue to half. Still remember Uncle, President Li Tingyi explained to him in detail the operation plan, "Lee almost every day to my room to look at me, not only he and other doctors and nurses have encouraged me to comfort me, and told me not to worry, will be cured." After 2 months of treatment and care, uncle home. After 10 years, every 3 or 6 months, he has to go to the hospital regularly, and medical staff to establish a deep feeling. After June 1974, Wu Dabo began to reduce the frequency and frequency of review, the examination is not normal after the review, 40 years there is no exception, until the recent emergence of liquid. Over half a century, now has the silver haired Uncle Wu, when he asked to see Li Tingyi Dean, Dean Li learned that by the end of 2008 had died……相关的主题文章: