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Hollywood star Scarlett mysterious China "soup" powder plan gift Tencent entertainment news recently, micro-blog exposed a global sexy actress Scarlett · Johnson is coming to China to the news. After hearing the news, China fans raged, # Scarlett China why # also rushed on hot topic list. "Little sister" in China again after a lapse of two years, the huge "powder" has begun to respond quickly, prepare gifts, to meet the global sexy goddess goddess! "Black widow Scarlett after two years to build, Hua Linglong clear eyes, a dark blond hair messy, Scarlett · Johnson was known as the" century Johnson Marilyn · Monroe, ranking ten in the world’s first big sexy actress. Not only sexy, but Scarlett has a lovely side. When she first ate China soup accidentally burned. It looks very cute, so Chinese fans gave her a cute nickname – soup, she also accepted. Beautiful sexy "black widow" in the "Iron Man", "Captain America" and "the Avengers" and other Marvel superhero movie chic neat, and leather wrapped in a sexy body, a successful capture many fans sister brother. In the sci-fi action film "swept the world super body", Scarlett alone, a record breaking success at the box office success, Angelina · Zhu Li keeps records, visible in the world within the scope of the powerful appeal. From March 2014 to China propaganda "Captain America" after 2, Scarlett after a lapse of two and a half years again to attend the activities in the fans to be happy to fly in it! Popcorn flower shop open to China? 2016 "soup" is very busy, not only to travel to Hollywood blockbusters, in France opened the popcorn shop, behind the counter as a salesman, personally for the fans all over the world the popcorn taste, strong affinity. In order to make the "black widow" playing a "Super Cup" popcorn, fans from all around the world in Paris lined up in front of the store was full of deep love for two blocks. As a result, Chinese fans have expressed their hope that Scarlett will be able to open a popcorn shop in China, so that Chinese fans can also close contact with idols. Do not know whether this "soup" of this plan? This is Scarlett’s large outbreak in Japan from the hot burning brain comic "ghost in the shell" movie in a corner to Caozhisuzi, vocals music animation "happy voice" (Sing) for the role of ASH voice, to the interpretation of the "first American hussy" Zelda · Fitzgerald, fans can joy. For Chinese fans to powder to surprise that Scarlett spontaneous China news, all fans have plans for the goddess wildly beating gongs and drums, a surprise. Previously, Scarlett and the "Superman" played by Henry · Carville endorsement of a well-known mobile phone brand flagship photography of innovation, market rumors on the other side of the goddess turned out to be controlled photography, dumping technology powder countless, unfortunately Scarlett at the press conference due to the shooting schedule for failing to come to China. It is said that this time Scarlett is specially for the Chinese fans to come, the science and technology and the photographic control fan and in.相关的主题文章: