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Mahogany furniture, pattern and meaning of homophonic auspicious pattern is very popular in the Ming and Qing dynasties. In a pattern with homophones and homophonic very skillfully used pattern image, with homophonic and meaning, and knowing the way to act, the form and content of the combined forms of interesting looks pleasing to the eye, sounds sweet, a majority of people loved the auspicious patterns. In fact, the process of gradual improvement in the auspicious patterns, each item has its own meaning, for example — rich peony, pomegranate — multi – Paul, deer, bats, peaches, bergamot — Fuzhou, magpie — happy fish – rich, bottle – ping, orange, Ji – Ji Qing – Qing, like – Cheung, hyacinth — generations long and so on, be too numerous to enumerate. One or more of the above auspicious patterns can be carved on the mahogany furniture for people to enjoy the taste of life in leisure, add life fun. Recently, a lot of mahogany enthusiasts call to inquire about the meaning of auspicious patterns carved in mahogany furniture, we deliberately arranged some of the patterns and enthusiasts to share. Rosewood board to name a few typical auspicious festive decorations Najib flowers Yuchong pattern: bat bat: Yu Fu times, a symbol of happiness, so people called the happiness of life. In general the auspicious patterns, a bat making longevity, two bat contain rich, three bats put Corelle, four bat combine good German, five bat house hospice; two bats relative pattern "five bats enjoy both felicity and longevity"; the relative pattern representation of "Wu Fu"; flying in the box out of five bats for five and a look at the boy "; only a few flying bat, a bat boy or catch pattern" and "good luck characters"; the "long" Gospel "enjoy both felicity and longevity" Wufu peace "pattern, and the moon and the bat" on the map of Tong Fu "grain. Crane: folk meaning longevity birds bird, called Xian bird, a bird. The attitude is plain feathers, long neck, red crowned. As a Heli water tide patterns on the rocks and said "a dynasty", with Fukuyama Yoshimizu; sunrise cranes fly said "to get promoted soon". And with the pine called "Songhe Changchun" "pine Crane"; and the tortoise with "Qi" have have a long age "". Crane figure is more common in the bedroom supplies and screens, there are "mission crane Xiang Crane", etc.. Butterfly butterfly and "as" homonym for so long, said. "The book of Rites" cloud: "seventy, eighty, 15, as, 100 year old Yi date". The cat and the peony to match with the meaning "the oldest rich butterfly". Magpie magpie: in ancient times called "goddess". Wood in the magpie is auspicious bird, widely used in furniture, fixtures and so on; if two relative said "xixiangfeng" or "Double Happiness"; the Magpies tread may tip said, "happiness" and "good news; Magpie longan said three yuan". Bamboo: with the theme of Gao Jie’s behavior of its products, constitute the evergreen (clean) meaning auspicious patterns, is widely used in life; pine, bamboo and plum figure called "pine, bamboo and plum blossom"; pine, bamboo and plum, and water pattern called "WQ map"; pine, bamboo, lily, orchid, Shou the stone pattern is called "five road"; painted or extended spring bamboo and pumpkin.相关的主题文章: