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How the most nutritious milk powder? 6 misunderstandings of milk! A lot of mothers and daughters of Sohu want their children to absorb the most abundant nutrition, in the choice of milk powder can be hard work. Do you know, mama? If the milk powder method is improper, but it will be greatly reduced nutrition. [error with a mineral water] Maybe some mothers will think that mineral water is rich in minerals, in fact, not the more minerals absorbed, the better the baby. For the digestive function of the stomach is not perfect for the baby, the long-term use of mineral water to drink milk powder will cause the baby’s indigestion and constipation. [error two the hotter the better the water can be sterilized, this is a lot of people know, and some mothers feel that the use of hot water to wash milk powder, you can kill the bacteria in the bottle. In fact, this is not to be promoted, because the water temperature is high in the milk powder will make the whey protein to produce clots, thus affecting the child’s digestion and absorption. In addition, some of the heat unstable vitamins will be destroyed, especially some milk powder added to the immune active substances. In this way, the milk will lose the original nutrients. [three] to eat boiled milk misunderstanding left milk boil food, it saves to Chongdiao effort, but the research that has been brewing good milk powder if boil, will make the structure of protein, vitamins and other nutrients change. [this sentence mistake four more concentrated more high nutrition] "too far" in powdered milk, milk powder is too thick or too thin, not good. Milk powder containing sodium ions, the need to increase the amount of diluted water. If the milk powder concentration is too high, the baby after drinking, will increase the pressure on the wall of the blood vessels. Originally, the baby has been very weak in the capillary, so toss it, easy to cause the baby brain capillary rupture, resulting in bleeding, intelligence will be affected. [error five add milk powder after adding water] first add water or add milk powder? There is a difference between the two. Should be placed in the bottle of a certain scale of water, and then into the corresponding proportion of milk powder in order to make the appropriate concentration. [six] some misunderstanding for the brand frequently heard of a good mother milk, quickly bought for the baby to eat milk after the test, the new baby is a little discomfort, mother immediately changed back to raw milk. In fact, the baby milk powder, far less convenient, turn milk is a relatively complex process, so that the child’s stomach to adapt. That a few days can add other new foods, not sick and vaccination. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: