How to play a good double exposure to read so simple! rainism

How to play a good double exposure to read so simple! SLR camera creative photography is always the most interesting part of the link. Some students think professional SLR camera should be focused on the ultimate shooting experience, rather than the creative features are designed on the camera. We can see that even this year, such as Fuji X-T2 flagship class micro single camera, but also in the dial set up a double exposure or panoramic photo shooting. If you buy a camera since you always press a shutter is one, try a very interesting double exposure creative gameplay. What about double exposure? Double exposure, also known as the two exposure, it can be derived multiple exposure, but in reality is a "negative" on the different exposure images. Double exposure many students have heard of, but rarely as the main theme of creation to further study. Double exposure, not just choose the two photo synthesis is a good work. The best case is that the first photo to choose the exposure of the photos, select a very strong contrast photo. There are many ways to make photos under exposure, you can choose to shoot with the clouds in the light focusing light case, also can be in the camera exposure compensation set -1EV or lower. The purpose of this is to try to appear as dark as possible in the photo. Double exposure photography (photography from the Pacific tribe) when you have seen the master of photography you will find that the masters use in portrait photography lighting skills to create shadows, but this part of the shadow for double exposure is an excellent theme. The principle is very simple, the two photos in the synthesis of the darker the more space can be "missing" to accommodate other content. If you think it’s too complicated, remember that the person’s hair is black, the main body of the second photos. Fuji flagship single electric X-T2: Dial comes with dual exposure feature second you can choose your favorite photo. But whether it is the first or the second, the author is to suggest that we try to use photographic subtraction to create. The more pure the picture shows, the more able to express the strength and depth. I simply try to create the following theme for the eyes is the best human camera photos. Yes, double exposure is so simple, as simple as that Divine Comedy Network PPAP. From the above you should be able to observe that the black area is pen, which can accommodate second photos of the apple. So that’s how pineapple got it. How to play double exposure phone? No SLR or single camera friends do not matter, you have a cell phone, can install app, but also can play double exposure. In iPhone, for example, Appstore which contains a lot of fun photography app, which has a number of free double exposure software, such as the relatively hot foot before. In fact, the same with the SLR camera, but still have to pay attention to the first shot of a strong black and white contrast photos, and then shoot the main performance of the object. Generally play this type of double.相关的主题文章: