Hualian mayor election countdown key moment blue green coffee – Taiwan channel turns platform super bass

Hualian mayor election countdown key moment   blue green coffee – Taiwan channel turns platform — on 25 August, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Hualian mayor election countdown to the critical moment, the National Party did not dare let down, have sent the big coffee to Hualian campaign. The president Hong Xiuzhu and the Kuomintang legislator Wu Zhiyang accompanied the candidate Wei Jiaxian worship votes; DPP "legislators" by Xiao Meiqin Zhang Meihui to accompany the candidate Fu’an temple incense and praying, legislators Lin Changzuo accompany Zhang meihui street last night. Wu Zhiyang called for more than 50 young friends all day long, accompanied by the KMT Hualian mayoral candidate Wei Jiaxian cruising the streets. Wu Zhiyang said that the Kuomintang to win back the hearts of young people, we must start from the ground, so many young people call together to help the young Wei Jiaxian cheer. Hong Xiuzhu evening arrived in Hualian after the family worship the ticket, this is her fourth degrees to Hualian campaigning, until the night before the election, she said to look forward to campaigning, Wei Jiaxian was elected, and hope that the attack to discredit Wei Jiaxian family words can not overdo sth.. Wei Jiaxian stressed that if elected mayor, must cooperate with the county government and other towns, and actively promote the municipal, will make a public participation, more young people to serve the people of the opportunity, if elected, a family service, the rest of the family will not run for office, to smash outside the "whole bowl to hold" rumors. The day before Zhang Meihui and the DPP legislators Xiao Meiqin, Party officials and others accompanied to Fu’an temple incense and praying last night, legislators Lin Changzuo also send tickets to Hualian to join the streets lineup, he stood in the city of Golden Triangle and Zhang meihui to contact people sincerely requested, then diverge to the east gate and the city streets. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: