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HUAWEI Mate9 strong return Tmall flagship store opening sales – Sohu science and technology news: November 3rd, November 17th Texun HUAWEI released the annual finale — HUAWEI Mate9 in Munich germany. As HUAWEI’s flagship performance and experience of high-end business flagship product, HUAWEI Mate9 not only carries the expectations of fans, but also shoulder the task of industry vane. In Germany after the first international edition, HUAWEI Mate9 series of national line version also quickly unveiled. November 14th, HUAWEI officially returned with new products, and in the international version of the HUAWEI Mate9, HUAWEI Mate9 Porsche design based on the addition of the Mate9 Pro models for domestic users to provide a more diverse choice. Yan value benchmark: the overall design language is beautiful man-machine HUAWEI Mate9 inherited the characteristics of the Mate series of exquisite, weakening the business component in detail, by adding 2.5D glass screen and rounded corners, so that the whole body is more delicate. It is worth mentioning that, HUAWEI also brought the use of curved screen design of the Mate9 version of Porsche, the luxury of nature did not say. Color, the HUAWEI Mate9 offers ceramic white and champagne gold, Mocha gold, silver moonlight, rose gold, gray sky and classic black six versions available, all to meet consumer preferences for the discerning eye color. A good mobile phone, not only to its own excellent color value, but also have the ability to retain his beauty, HUAWEI Mate9’s performance in this regard is popular. After the cooperation with Leica for camera HUAWEI P9 acclaimed, now HUAWEI Mate 9 brings a second generation Leica double photo, post is also a double perturbation scheme for color + black and white, by switching between two to 2 times zoom lens, and supports optical image stabilization. Either landscape or portrait, HUAWEI Mate9 two generation Leica double perturbation can present transfer quality effect of surprise. Pioneer Technology: quick step Yan value in place, but also the first time to see the highlights of the black technology industry. HUAWEI Mate9 equipped with the latest Unicorn 960 chip, as the world’s first Cortex A73 chip, is also the first equipped with Mali-G71 octa-Core graphics processor chip, unicorn 960 in performance and power consumption have a breakthrough. Plus the 4GB +64GB storage combination blessing, play the game is fun to fly, bid farewell Caton strong back even by teammate Tucao cheating experience. Even if the operation of a large game for a long time, there will be no heat or frequency reduction led to Caton’s bad experience. In addition to strong performance, the HUAWEI Mate9 also solved the problem of long plagued people’s endurance. Mate9 built a 4000mAh capacity battery, even if the user does not have a severe shortage of panic. In the optimization of system level, the sustainable use of Mate9 for 2.4 days, even heavy users, but also has nearly two days of carefree uninterrupted speed experience. Easy life: always相关的主题文章: