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Huo Ru married couples: frequent match "long poem" sugar loving couple Huo Ru information times (reporter Cai Mujia Intern Zhai Qiqi) from ten friends of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin lovers upgraded to [micro-blog] earlier in Bali Island. But the wedding the groom, the bride did not laugh cry "became the focus, like there is a negative crowd for the wedding sweet look, and even friends lamented how Chinese heart made of sugar as the audience LSERs (Nicky Wu [micro-blog], Liu Shishi [micro-blog] couple)". Unexpectedly, the "Chinese heart" is not made of sugar, just after the big move. Look at these three months after the marriage of the couple, the couple get along with the simple enough daily abuse of the two. Go shopping together casual travel, love is the standard Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin married, pregnant Ruby Lin attention to child support rest, Wallace Huo immediately put to work. It is understood that although Wallace Huo filming the drama as "Yi biography" in mainland China and Xun Zhou partner, occasionally also need to take into account other stroke, but as long as there is a gap, he will immediately back to Taipei, to accompany his wife. Two people married several times to be photographed with the box, not a walk is shopping, the strength of the interpretation of ordinary happiness". At the beginning of September, users claimed that night, encounter "Chinese heart" couples night back pressure the road, only two people come together in the photo, but held as loving couple in love. Recently, the two men appeared together in the daytime of the streets of Taipei, suspected shopping. Ruby Lin is wearing baggy clothes, six months pregnant belly, Wallace Huo is wearing a peaked cap and glasses, dress is also very casual. If two people become lovers from a friend’s airness is a beautiful Idol finale, now two people now staged is the most common but most feel life drama. Live chat more than loving, leave the private space from "Chinese heart" published romance, announced the marriage hearing, outside of the two most curious is how to become lovers from friends? Coupled with Wallace Huo had revealed on the show that he will not take the initiative to pursue others, but also more people gossip, this change in the relationship between the key step, who is the first step. But in this regard, Wallace Huo, Ruby Lin has been tight lipped about the tacit understanding. Today is about to enter a stable marriage, two people also recently began to relent on the topic of concern about one or two. Ruby Lin in an interview recently revealed that the original "Chinese heart" private couple also talked friends this topic lovers, "in fact, with the opposite sex friends to a certain extent, occasionally ask yourself if what will happen together." But at the same time there will be concerns, fear of losing a friend. Old friends very well, with two people in mind and relatively mature. Ruby Lin admitted that the marriage of two people in good condition, more than loving, respect each other and have their own space, "don’t quarrel all day together, may also sleep in the same bed." Wallace Huo does not love the lively, private dinner will not exceed 3 people, she will take care of each other this point. Wallace Huo is busy working, earlier Ruby Lin and the Hsu Chi sisters [micro-blog], Kelly Lin [micro-blog] to leave Japan. Huo Jian in the air相关的主题文章: