In response to the deployment of missile related Chinese Yongxing Island reefs deployment already ex

In response to the deployment of missile related Chinese Yongxing Island reefs deployment already exists – Sohu news [Global Times reported] Chinese 17 Department of defense refute the western individual media hype "China sing the same old song threat", earlier in the day, U.S. media said that satellite images show "China in Yongxing Island deployment of ground to air missile". The news came when President Obama La coincided with the 10 ASEAN leaders held an informal meeting in California, the South China Sea is regarded as the number one issue in multi-party meeting, Obama after the high-profile appeal to "stop the militarization of the South China sea". Yongxing island is located in Paracel Islands, Chinese has indisputable sovereignty, Chinese weapons deployed on the island are already, on the end of the month, a US destroyer into Xisha island 12 miles, the Chinese side berated "provocation, Yongxing Island missile is considered for the Chinese response to provocation. Ironically, the United States provoked tensions in the South China Sea have exalted the "freedom of navigation" and "against the militarization of the South China Sea" flag, also tried to pull the entire ASEAN to command, but the ASEAN countries is obviously not so naive, published on the 16 U.S. – ASEAN leaders meeting after the end of the joint declaration, neither named China, also there is no direct mention of the South China sea. [global times in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Xiao Da special correspondent Li Zhen Xin Bin Global Times reporter Guo Yuandan Fan Lingzhi Cui Jietong Wang Xiliu straight]

中国回应永兴岛部署导弹:相关岛礁部署早就存在-搜狐新闻  【环球时报综合报道】中国国防部17日批驳西方个别媒体老调重弹炒作“中国威胁论”,当天早些时候,美国媒体称卫星图片显示“中国在永兴岛部署地对空导弹”。   这一消息爆出之时,正值美国总统奥巴马拉东盟10国领导人在加州举行非正式会议,南海问题被多方视为会议头号议题,奥巴马在会后也高调呼吁“停止南海军事化”。   永兴岛位于西沙群岛,中国拥有无可辩驳的主权,中国在岛上的武器部署也早已有之,上月底,美国一艘驱逐舰闯入西沙中建岛12海里,中方严厉斥责美方挑衅,“永兴岛部署导弹”被认为是中方对美舰挑衅的回应。   颇为讽刺的是,挑起南海紧张的美国却高举“航行自由”“反对军事化南海”的旗子,还试图将整个东盟拉到麾下,但东盟国家显然没那么天真,16日美国-东盟领导人会议结束后发表的联合声明中,既没有点名中国,也没有直接提及南海。   【环球时报驻美国、日本、新加坡特约记者 萧达 李珍 辛斌 环球时报记者 郭媛丹 范凌志 崔杰通 汪析 柳直】相关的主题文章: