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In the dim appearance after the injury first and Zhang Yunlong play in and out are good brothers "cloud of Han Dynasty" in the misty Zhang Yunlong Vilanova in imitation of Guan Xiaotong bursting point foot Tencent entertainment news due to obscure, Zhang Yunlong, Guan Xiaotong starred in the drama of large costume fantasy "sword of the Han cloud" recently held a media conference in Hengdian. This is the first public appearance from the dim hanging WIA falls after fracture of his right foot, a white hair he Meiqingmuxiu, qiyuxuanang, sitting in a wheelchair on the stage to participate in interactive and theatreperformance. The whole process and Zhang Yunlong love interaction, set off the climax of the conference site. Wheelchair play off conference prelude to conference, from obscurity and Zhang Yunlong were led "Tongque" and "flight" forces in the clothing on stage as the conference opened, everyone has a role in refining version lines, hazy "what to what Xiao month has nothing to do with me, have righteousness well for me, so he let me do the things I will do, is her caring, not a true portrayal of evil. Grand scene, magnificent mountains and rivers of the background and passionate background music, people very hazy look forward to in this fantasy blockbuster drama will give the audience a kind of surprise. The conference also exposed the first flower, not only shocking gorgeous special effects, in the dim as Greece, Lan Yin and IIM Muyun (Ju Jingyi ornaments) emotional entanglements also appeared, people look forward to. And Zhang Yunlong staged a sand ice version of love to kill the scene at the scene of the haze and Zhang Yunlong led his own team staged a love of ice and ice production battle. The loser of the captain to eat with the old godmother, vinegar and other ingredients of the "dark sand ice", after a written examination, in the dim team a little lost, Dongjak group failed miserably. But very thoughtful Yunlong Muyun brother, brother to eat instead choose Xiasha ice, because of the dim Zhang Yunlong hand to feed the Xiasha ice, full of brotherhood caused the audience applause. In the play are brothers, private relationship is very good, in the song "self-directed" hazy line before Zhang Yunlong had heard, and take the initiative to help brother propaganda in Muyun song first time forwarded in misty song line of micro-blog. Two people have to exchange music in the studio, and hope to have the opportunity to be together. I am a singing actor recently released a new album the first song in obscurity, was asked to do the filming to the album, could take into account? In the dim because of "Han cloud" wrap around the corner, notice full record and shoot MV is to make time to do. Will feel a little tired, but can give you a good film and television works and albums, get the audience’s recognition, it is very worthwhile to pay. As an actor, there are many places to learn, the director and the crew also gave a lot of help. And singing, out of their own singers do the heart, want to let you see a variety of roles outside of the real is a kind of people. Each identity, try to do the best. In the dim revealed that this movie after fixing into group "Huo", as Li Gan in "Huo", from "Princess promotion" to "III. ten peach", to "sword of Han cloud", then to "Huo", in the dim color value and is acting.相关的主题文章: