Innocent evidence also HIV patient zero error caused by 30 years of unjust case reshacker

Innocent evidence also HIV "patient Zero: a 30 years from the original title: Innocent unjust case evidence HIV patient Zero: only the United States today – virus genome viewpoint reporter Zhang Mengran first began to spread the virus, infectious diseases and patients, the medical profession has been called the" patient zero". In June 1981, the Atlanta Center for Disease Control and introduces the history of 5 patients in the "morbidity and Mortality Weekly", this is a kind of history has never had the disease, the first official record. In 1982, the disease was named AIDS, known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). To 1984, HIV virus was proved to be the cause of aids. AIDS zero patient is considered to be named Gaytyn, Canada’s flight attendants, the nature of the work so that he perennial around the world through the passage of the Dugas. Many people believe that the early HIV infected patients with the zero number of patients with direct or indirect sexual contact, these infections are distributed in different cities in the United states. According to the Scientific American 27, the article said, the so-called HIV zero patient was a major miscarriage of justice! Evidence is the latest HIV gene analysis. Was brutally labeled zero patient in 1984, Dugas died of aids. A few years later, the reporter Randy schiltz wrote "cry" a century book, referred to the "patient zero" name, but said he brought to North America by AIDS is still in doubt. And the media in this book reports, suggesting that he is here the AIDS epidemic, "the source", when the "New York Times" front page actually use the man who brought AIDS as the title. Although some researchers believe that such a simple and crude labeled zero patient lack of scientific basis. But the reality is that the media and the public have begun to be able to control Garth’s crime". In late 1980s, Dugas’s private life "notorious repute" image solidified in the public mind, his name has been HIV and patient zero equate. However, a genetics paper published online the British "nature" magazine 26, said that the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) in fact, in the early 70s from the Caribbean "airborne" to the United States of New York, HIV epidemic in North america. After a lapse of 30 years, scientists finally using the latest technology, combined with the analysis of history and genome, also be for the patient zero of an innocent. Genomic analysis of cleared "charges" University of Arizona Michael Wo Luobei and his colleagues, the sequencing of 8 whole genome. These genomes are derived from the original serum samples collected in the United States in the 70s of last century. The researchers isolated almost complete HIV gene sequences from blood samples, and the results showed that the virus had a genetic diversity at that time, possibly from a previous outbreak in the caribbean. The researchers also restored the so-called "zero patient" HIV-1 genome 2相关的主题文章: