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10.2 Beta 2 iOS three update: TV, music and SOS- technology Sohu 10.2 apple iOS second test version in this morning released to the developers, with the previous version, this version of the introduction of some new characteristics, such as the conference mentioned TV app, also has a music interface design in the meanwhile, Apple introduced a new SOS emergency function. TV – the emergence of TV as an apple LED TV Guide to help users find new content, what do you think. It supports all iOS devices, Mac computers and APPLE TV. It supports Siri search, but also supports cross platform viewing and iTunes store to buy content or subscription. SOS — Apple introduced a new SOS function, the machine power button repeatedly switch 5 can call emergency services. According to Apple’s description, the SOS in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Hongkong, Canada, Chinese, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, Britain and the United States, the user can set in – can set this one work in general. Music in the playback interface, repeat and random play button more prominent. The second beta version of iOS 10.2 is for developers, but Apple has promised to release versions of the new features in December.相关的主题文章: