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IPhone7  bring the history of the last generation of cross generational upgrade –IT– people’s original title: iPhone7 bring the history of the smallest time to upgrade the generation of what is the most concerned about Apple’s products? That must be iPhone. But most of the morning yesterday to stay up late watching Apple conference friends, and not too many surprises. One is iPhone7 iPhone7Plus can be said to be apple iPhone products in the history of cross generation product upgrades the minimum time, the two is iPhone7 iPhone7Plus and their spoilers before the outside world almost no difference. Let Chinese powder take comfort that this time China or enter the iPhone7 iPhone7Plus launch market list. – the appearance of increased dark and bright black as everyone knows, Apple products are a major upgrade pace iPhone for two years, one year a small upgrade. However, with the previous two years across generations will significantly upgrade the appearance of the iPhone changes (such as iPhone4 square, iPhone5 long, iPhone6 bigger), this time iPhone7 iPhone7Plus than the previous generation of products only from the outside, the change does not. The first is the screen size, iPhone 7 remained consistent with iPhone6s iPhone7Plus and iPhone6sPlus is 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches is the same; after the design style is still the appearance of iPhone6s, is adjusted in some nuances, such as camera convex transition, dubbed the "antenna leucorrhea with injection" from the previous cross into from the top around the body; the body material still used is aluminum. For iPhone 7 iPhone7Plus, the appearance of the biggest changes with the previous generation of products, I am afraid that it will be adjusted to the body color. The gold, silver, and rose gold has been reserved, and the gray has been cancelled, while the new addition of two colors, black and white. In particular, bright black, is the biggest highlight of the appearance of iPhone7, according to Apple introduced a special process to make the surface smooth and cover the protective layer, but also to add magnetic particles for polishing. Photo – one eye once, iPhone is the best of all ability to take pictures in the mobile phone, but recent generation of products, although the performance of iPhone camera can still be good, but can not be the best, especially Samsung was a bitter enemy behind. Therefore, this time Apple has enough strength in the iPhone7 iPhone7Plus camera to enhance the ability of riveting. In the pixel camera, this generation of iPhone remains 12 million pixels, but joined the anti shake technology of three axis optical aperture is also increased to the maximum F1.8, the lens light increased by 50%, significantly improved under low light photo effect. In the ISP image processing, iPhone 7 can be used to understand more information on the object and the image depth相关的主题文章: