Jackie Chan said Jaycee Chan will help 2 billion possessions this assignment darren hayes

Jackie Chan said Jaycee Chan will help the 2 billion property Jackie Chan said this allocation will help Jaycee Chan Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, martial arts superstar Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan in 2014 due to the event hit fame, when Jackie Chan has said it will bare donate 2 billion of the property, a piece of money do not leave Jaycee Chan, and later changed will be left to his son, "who left for him". Jackie Chan recently in an interview, further plans for the future of the property for decryption. Oscar won the lifetime achievement award Jackie Chan recently accepted the special interview experience and family life, now look back at his life, he admitted that he had made many mistakes, "the world society, too much temptation, I was from a knife edge to go back", referred to Jaycee Chan, Jackie Chan recalled he used to have a lot of expectations now, he is to adopt non-interference education, "let him, he love what you do". Jackie Chan previously changed will be 2 billion possessions to Jaycee Chan, this time in the interview he revealed that half of property has been transferred to the fund, he told Jaycee Chan said: "you don’t think I will give you the property", but Jackie Chan does not really what are not left to his son: the future when Jaycee Chan to a certain age, the fund will will the monthly withdraw a sum of money to Jaycee Chan, let Jaycee Chan hungry, but want to take a whole is impossible. After drug-related incident, Jackie Chan said to Jaycee Chan: "if you have a lot of skill in these ten years, I will put the whole (property) to you tube. If is the two rich generation that form, you also get 10 Fen, so recent positive songs for Jaycee Chan comeback. Jackie Chan had previously said no matter son, but to see the interaction between Will Smith and his son, that Jackie Chan thought, said: "there is only one son, don’t help you who? You can help it. He (Jaycee Chan) himself afraid, because Dad’s relationship, he also worries, I think this is good."相关的主题文章: