Le 2S pro to grab the hair Xiaolong 821 or PPT of the mobile phone (video) soulseek

Le 2S Pro to grab the hair Xiaolong 821 or PPT of the mobile phone? Tencent (blue) digital news previously reported LETV will launch Le 2S news in early September, but now appears to have two new machines. The day before, users @ Mocha workers in micro-blog exposed a group of alleged new machine Le 2S Pro, mobile phone model Le X720, and is equipped with 5.5 inches touch screen and Xiaolong 821 processor, the design of arc antenna without using the previously leaked Le 2S, but the traditional three section shape, at the same time there is no double camera, is expected to be officially released in September 6th. Biography music as soon as the acquisition of hammer technology as the 2S black edge narrow no border upgrade! The design of three period in the past has been rumored LETV will be in early September launch of Le 2S, but now it seems as prepared for more than one model. First of all, Feng Xing LETV mobile president in micro-blog hinted that the upcoming Le 2S will use the full metal body design, and can retain the texture perception, while providing better feel. But it is worth noting that the micro-blog from a new model Le 2S Pro. Subsequently, users @ Mocha workers in micro-blog exposed a group of alleged new machine Le 2S Pro, but there are significant differences in the design of the back of the mobile phone with the previously leaked Le 2S, and did not use the curved antenna process similar to iPhone 7, the three section design but the traditional mobile phone metal light, the surface texture of the more prominent. At the same time, the camera is no longer the same as in the past, but at the top of the left side of the fuselage, the back of the central circle of the fingerprint sensor. The first 821 Xiaolong for the configuration of this Le 2S Pro, according to leaked screenshots of synchronous display, the aircraft model Le X720, equipped with a 5.5 inch touch screen, and support for 1080p resolution and the display panel JDI, with 4GB RAM+32GB ROM storage combination, as for the processor while marked MSM8996, but according to the @ Mocha industry agency said, is equipped with Xiaolong 821 processor, so if the machine is released in early September, it will be Xiaolong 821 processor starting model. Prior to this, the graphics test site GFXBench and bunny have released the music 2S Pro (LeX720) of the relevant specifications, including is equipped with 2.35GHz frequency Xiaolong 821 processor and Android6.0.1 system, and has a 8 million pixel front camera and a 16 million pixel camera, such as touch screen, memory configuration and combination the leaked information perfectly. Released in September 6th, therefore, comprehensive now available information, as there will be music 2S and 2S Pro two new machine debut, and the latter has passed 3C certification, and reportedly will use USB-C interface. As for music 2S is likely to be the latest access to 3C certification Le X652, the same will be made of metal body, while the design of the arc antenna may be the main features of the aircraft, said it will be equipped with 4100 ma.相关的主题文章: