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Liu Shiyu: efforts to improve the governance structure of listed companies – Sohu securities reporter Wang Xiaowei from August 31st to September 1st, Chinese Commission, China Listed Companies Association held an International Workshop on corporate governance of Listed Companies in Beijing, the chairman of the Commission Liu Shiyu attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Liu Shiyu pointed out that in the process of establishing and improving the socialist market economy reform, China attaches great importance to corporate governance. The practice of China’s enterprise reform and the development of the capital market has proved that the high level of corporate governance of listed companies determines the quality of listed companies, which is an important basis for the long-term stable and healthy development of the capital market. In 2002 in China, drawing the OECD principles of corporate governance "and" the state of the practice of "corporate governance guidelines", played an important historical role in raising the level of our corporate governance, but with the development of China’s capital market situation and the global new corporate governance is compared with the standard, has obviously lagged behind. Liu Shiyu stressed that the China is G20 OECD "principles of corporate governance" advocates and supports China to seize the "corporate governance guidelines", efforts to improve the governance structure of listed companies, improve the corporate governance level, promote to enhance the quality of listed companies, the cornerstone of healthy development of solid capital market, serving the economic development and China global. Perfect the corporate governance in our country, it should be based on Chinese current laws and regulations and other institutional arrangements, principles and standards of international and docking new, through administrative supervision, industry self-regulation and the company’s own efforts to solve the problem of the shape of the gods ". To seize the transparency of information disclosure of listed companies and the timely and comprehensive bid. To comprehensively strengthen the listed company directors, supervisors, three levels of continuous dynamic personnel training. Experts and scholars from the OECD, the world bank, International Financial Corporation, international corporate governance network and the Tsinghua University, more than 60 representatives of the people’s Bank, the SASAC, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Chinese listed companies of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Association and other units attended the seminar, and conducted extensive the exchange of global corporate governance practice and China corporate governance guidelines revision issues.相关的主题文章: