Liu Wen street show tells you this fall you can have her wardrobe (video) ca1290

Liu Wen Street tells you that you can have her wardrobe in the fall. Liu Wen is no doubt one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. The fans the impression of her is the big cousin amiable and easy of approach. Like this can make money, people will dress good heart smiling cousin in autumn what to wear? The first to enter the Top Models list of the top three Asian models, the Victoria’s secret show in the history of the first China model… These are the title of Liu Wen… She is no doubt one of the most influential figures in the fashion world. But in reality, she is not only love to laugh approachable "big cousin", her style of dress is also deeply affected all the beauty of the girl. You may not have Liu Wen such a supermodel, but Liu Wen in the autumn wear what we can buy according to ""! Speaking of Liu Wen, everyone impression of her was the most love smiling cousin amiable and easy of approach style she was always smiling at you, like the sun. Sometimes funny, but also turned walking expression package, T on her charming, full field. This September, Forbes announced the 2016 model income list. Liu Wennian into the $7 million ranked eighth, for 4 consecutive years ranked list of the sub mode only Forbes supermodel. On December 22, 2015, Liu Wen defeated the outer mold is models named best street style, visible her what to wear what fire. "So like this can make money, people will dress good heart smiling cousin in autumn what to wear? We are looking for Liu Wen from 2015 to now the photos and street shooting (121), the highest rate of appearance of 5 single product suitable for autumn and winter wear. Talk to the data and tell you that it’s enough to have them in the fall. TOP 1 white shoe appearance number: 20 white shoes to show the frequency of 20 times at the top, the white trend will continue. The recent momentum is more rapid, Gucci, Adidas and other brands are still in the launch of a new single product, in the autumn and winter seasons can not wear a pair of white shoes? In the 2017 spring and summer New York fashion week, Liu Wen white T-shirt and Gucci white shoes with a gorgeous sense of suspenders dress appeared in the streets. In the airport styling, Liu Wen will choose the majority of white shoes. The shoes are comfortable especially suitable for traveling, may wish to choose a pair of white shoes in the autumn travel, both with fashionable style and comfortable feeling. London Fashion Week Spring 2017 fashion and beautiful wear white shirts appearance TOP 2 times: 11 white shirts with frequency of 11 row in the list of the second often wear. "White shirt" look, three simple words, but how to wear enough for a single product, but also one of the styles of their favorite trendsetter. In the fall of 2016, you can still win with a white shirt. On weekdays, white shirt and jeans are the most common and most practical autumn dress. Just to the front tuck in his waist, and long legs appear right. The white shirt of the utility lies in that, in addition to the daily commuting and leisure, special occasions dress has its useless. Liu Wen on many occasions with a white shirt with a dress to attend activities. The white shirt can also wear gorgeous feeling, palace style change a wind.相关的主题文章: