Makeup before the milk will not choose, no wonder you dry skin or out of oil makeup ~ (video) tsumori chisato

Makeup before the milk is not selected, it is no wonder that you have dry skin or oil makeup ~ skin care makeup class micro signal: yyyyhhff la la la ~ again today to give you a grass ~ you know, the first step is to render the makeup before the right, is on the makeup before the milk, seemingly very chicken ribs, but only used the buddies to know, on the makeup before the milk can solve a lot of trouble! So, today, we want to give you some of Amway’s reputation for good makeup before the milk! However, make-up for so long, how much do you know the makeup before the milk in the end? What is the role of makeup before the milk? What kind of? How to choose a different skin for their makeup before the milk? So, let’s say those things about the makeup before the milk bar ~ makeup before the milk those things before makeup makeup before the milk is milk role in order to modify the uneven skin color, dark, smooth pores, can make use of local modification to perfect skin, showing translucent skin natural luster. Makeup before use, usually white liquid, also has a transparent liquid, milky white liquid for. Collocation products such as liquid foundation, sunscreen, emulsion, makes the makeup more docile nature. Effect of different makeup before the milk to choose their own makeup before the milk is the first step to have the perfect makeup Oh ~ Jin Chengling is still as beautiful as the girl of South Korean actress blackflow on this glass of water good reputation recommendation moisturizing type 1, YSL Black Satin makeup before the milk 40g if you only know YSL plus go treasure moisturizing lipstick before makeup products ~YSL new, known as the 72h moisturizing gel cream texture, very moist, is a pale pink flesh, smeared on the skin after the as deposited a layer of water film, feel very thin, forming a protective layer, after the foundation will be uniform. Designed for the busy pace of life, only a few seconds can make skin all-weather moisture up to 72 hours, the skin natural shine, just like new. 2, Heynature Han Ni mining gel makeup before the milk drops moisturizing makeup before the milk can be rubbed with water! No polish and light effect is moisture, natural plant extracts, close to the skin care products will not clog pores, make suggestions when the semi dry gel, can lock the makeup is not easy to Tuozhuang more durable, any skin can be used. (words in a small dry liquid foundation, the foundation and the mixed together with the tag < (~, ~ 3)), Laura Mercier LM Laura Antioxidant Moisturizer makeup before the milk Hwan Gel 50ml LM famous makeup before the milk, many well-known makeup artist. Before makeup will spare. In the first step of skin care products after makeup before and after using the skin moist and smooth reading will soar, fine lines and pores will become blurred, more important is to make more docile and lasting, strongly recommended to the foundation, easy peeling and easy Tuozhuang MM. Oil control pore type 1, Sofina Sophie moisturizing makeup before the milk 25g this is a Taiwan version and the Japanese version of the two. The Japanese version of the price is more expensive, no Polish effect, but some moist than Taiwan version. Taiwan version slightly dry, but the win is very beautiful in the price, but also with a little Polish effect. (the Taiwan version, the Japanese version of the bottle body is pink) its texture like gouache, very thin, moist with相关的主题文章: