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Mengniu in the first half to achieve steady growth in revenue – Food Channel – People’s business for map August 25th, Mengniu Dairy (2319.HK) released in Hong Kong in 2016. In the context of the impact of adverse factors such as excess milk consumption and weak consumption, the company’s performance is still achieved steady growth. Reported that the first half of the sales revenue of 27 billion 260 million yuan, an increase of 6.6%, compared with the same period last year, gross profit increased by 12.8%. A few big star brand collective force has become an important driving force for industry to crack the dilemma of Mengniu, deluxe, pure Zhen, milk crown benefits have achieved double-digit growth. Liquid milk and yogurt market share continues to maintain the industry first. Mengniu Mengniu Group CEO Sun Yiping said, adhere to the "consumer centric, become the nutritional health food company" innovation leads the enterprise vision, by continuing to promote the quality, innovation, win-win three concepts, based on the internal operation and management of solid force, to enhance the quality, precision and channel terminal market efficiently. These efforts, in the first half of 2016 achieved good results. At the beginning of the first half to challenge the upgrading of products, Mengniu to every 100 ml of high quality milk protein content in pure milk from 3 grams to 3.2 grams; Deluxe high quality milk protein from 3.3 grams to 3.6 grams of the original upgrade, high calcium rose to 120 mg two big move, first sounded the Clarion product upgrades. Mengniu Milk Deluxe and the upgrading of products, not only for the nutritional value of the consumer to upgrade, but also reflects the courage to challenge themselves to Mengniu, redefine the product standard of courage. This deep change really focuses on the consumer’s needs, everything in order to do the ultimate goal of better products. "Internationalization" + "digital" dual track drive innovation strategy Mengniu in recent years to continue to promote the "International + digital" dual track strategy, so that the image of the world’s cattle increasingly apparent. Sun Yiping said: "at present, the internationalization of shareholder governance structure, Mengniu ranch management standards, research and development system, production layout and management, brand cooperation and a series of internationalization process has been gradually completed, we from the management, operation, sales and other aspects to promote the digital construction of big data platform. Digital management, Mengniu in the quality system, internal management and production layout and so on a new level." "Internationalization" + "digital" dual track driven innovation strategy, not only for Mengniu to bring better product quality, but also won the trust of more international brand partners. As the Shanghai Disney resort official dairy partners, Mengniu not only provides the park all dairy products, but also with the catering team resort jointly developed 8 custom ice cream, the best in the world, to create high-quality products for tourists to experience the Olympic Games; at the beginning of the year, Mengniu also carried out a series of strategic layout, with the China national swimming team the formal establishment of partnerships, to build the largest year run cattle to Rio, running China and other initiatives to strengthen the emotional interaction with the young consumer group, the transfer of brand value proposition. In addition, Mengniu Ashley Zealand canned raw milk powder imports continued listing market movements, for consumers to the diversification, high)相关的主题文章: