Michelle Chen claiming to be pregnant how to eat sweets pregnant women how to eat a healthy dessert isobuster

Michelle Chen claiming to be pregnant how to eat sweets pregnant women how to eat a healthy dessert? Sohu – maternal according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reported that Michelle Chen is 5 months pregnant, an expectant heart, rarely attend public events. Recently, at a news conference, there are pregnant in the body of her phone interaction with the scene, the first time to share the feelings of pregnancy. Michelle Chen sounds very good. The host asked recently what is love to eat, she said with a smile: "no special love is sour or spicy, sweet love." As everyone knows, sweets almost defenseless people, especially women! However, eat a lot of high calorie, sweet sweet dessert, whether it is easy to cause health burden or impact? Women who want to eat sweets have to think about it! High calorie, easy to increase the weight — with maternal production risk high calorie dessert metabolism in the body, not the consumption of energy, and finally transformed into fat stored in the body, pregnant women eat too many sweets, resulting in weight gain, regardless of weight is added in itself or the fetus, production will face risk. When the fetus is overweight, may be in the production process in the occurrence of shoulder dystocia, especially lean women, because of the pelvis width is relatively narrow, too large a fetus in the birth process, occurred in the pubic shoulder card risk will increase, which in turn is unable to prevent the risk of production. If the maternal weight, production will also face a lot of unnecessary trouble; natural childbirth, thigh and buttocks due to excessive accumulation of fat, often increase the staff in the diagnosis of difficult, affecting the entire production process control accuracy; cesarean section, not only doctors under the knife is not easy, the wound is postpartum prone to infection. 7 smart ways to eat sweets sweets irresistible, if unable to control for sweets preferences, more want to learn how to avoid being clever to eat sweets, flatulence or indigestion discomfort plagued. 1 eat appropriate: these sweets will eventually digest, but the length of time vary from person to person, you need to rely on the physical condition of the body to determine the amount of consumption. 2 with good digestion of light sweet sweets: if the indigestible components such as cream less, less, less filling, then cause discomfort opportunities also reduced, if you really want to eat, might step back, do not eat greasy sweets like light. 3 avoid fasting: fasting, the effect of heat absorption is the best, and it is easy to unknowingly eat into more. If such as cheese cake of this kind of heat is higher, it is best to eat after dinner, because the food fiber can be digested with meals, heat absorption will be relatively small, and not easy to eat more. 4 avoid bedtime eat: eat soon lying down to sleep, difficult to digest foods to occupy the space in the stomach caused by acid reflux, and make people feel uncomfortable; heat accumulation, easily converted into fat in the body. 5 enjoy afternoon tea like eat slowly: sweets to eat faster, blood sugar rises faster, the more heat can not be consumed, and stay into fat in the body, eat sweets like enjoy afternoon tea usually eat slowly, especially hardcore sweets, can let the stomach row empty segment digestion, at the same time that should be a cup of taste collocation.相关的主题文章: