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The Ministry of Justice: streamlining the notary procedures to reduce Party Scene Beijing September new network queuing time – 20, according to the news website of the Ministry of justice, the Justice Department recently issued "on Further Strengthening the work of opinions" to benefit the public notary. Opinions require judicial administrative organs at all levels, notary agencies around the streamlining of notary procedures, reduce the time to wait for the parties to the scene and the number of times from the notary public. As far as possible to shorten the processing cycle, improve the efficiency of the certificate, as soon as possible out of the card should be issued as soon as possible. "Opinions" put forward six measures to further strengthen the work of the notary benefit: one is to carry out the people’s livelihood notary service. Responsible for handling notarial marriage, adoption, inheritance, wills, custody, alimony, custody, division of property services, involving the relationship between personal relation and the property relation, family of citizens, to provide legal services for individual citizens to dispose of property notarization and confirm the rights, safeguard the rights and interests. Through the development of notary services into community activities and other forms, to provide people with a warm, thoughtful, convenient and efficient notary services. The two is to streamline the notary formalities. When the applicant is applying for notarization, the notary office shall, in a timely manner, clearly inform the necessary information and the means and methods for obtaining the materials, and reduce the time of the queuing time of the parties and the number of times of the notary offices. Where conditions permit, notary agencies should make full use of household registration, marriage, business registration, bank credit and other public information resources, notary public identity information, proof materials, etc.. As far as possible to shorten the processing cycle, improve the efficiency of the certificate, as soon as possible out of the card should be issued as soon as possible. Three is to promote notary information services. It is necessary to improve the working procedures and service standards of the notarization service on the Internet, and promote the standardization and scientification of the notarization service. To build a notary business network service platform to improve the notary acceptance, registration, approval, certification and other aspects of information technology. For the online application of the conditions of the notarization, to implement online applications, online acceptance, online feedback. Four is to standardize the notary fees. A notarization institution shall strictly implement the charging standard of notary services, strict implementation of the price tag on the system, widely accepted social supervision. According to the notary fee waiver, the parties shall meet the conditions of legal aid relief in accordance with the relevant provisions of notarial service fees; do not meet the conditions of legal aid, but the difficulty of the parties, notary agencies have the discretion to reduce or waive the relevant notary service fee. Five is to improve the quality of notary services. To strengthen awareness of the red line, notarization practice not to stick to the bottom line of thinking, did not fulfill the notarization acceptance, registration, examination and approval procedures without issuing a notarial certificate, the applicant must not be notarized false or untrue or illegal matter notarial certificate, no violation charges, use permit for personal gain or to pay the middle managers, the kickbacks, fees, and no party malicious collusion harm the other party or the third person’s legitimate rights and interests. Six is to improve the convenience of service facilities. Notary public to set up a convenient signage, advisory desk, in the service hall is equipped with facilities and amenities, such as the conditions of the notary public institutions to provide network, copy and other facilities. To the disabled,.相关的主题文章: