Ministry of public security builds invalid resident ID card information system and runs on trial —

The Ministry of public security established a resident identity card information system failure and on-line test run – Guizhou channel — original title: the Ministry of public security established a resident identity card information system failure and on-line test run in Beijing on 6 October, according to the Ministry of public security news website, October 6th, vice minister of the Ministry of Public Security Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Huang Ming visited the Beijing branch of Bank of Chinese research and implement of outlets, 8 departments jointly issued the "norms on the identity card management notice", and the people’s Bank in charge of relevant departments and business outlets staff exchange forum. According to the bank staff to reflect the difficult to identify in witness consistency check work ID are invalid, and the masses are generally concerned about the lost or stolen identity cards easy to counterfeit and other issues, Huang Ming pointed out that the Ministry of public security has been completed and failure of resident identity card information system and the on-line test run recently, each department will provide social credit in the bank after the pilot, for the network check and Citizenhood existing information system. Huang Ming watched the scene’s bank window personnel to carry out the consistency check work flow, and asked in detail about the specification on the identity card, Bank of Chinese and strictly implement the 8 departments notice, perform verification responsibility shall be affirmed etc.. He asked the Ministry of public security departments to speed up the banking system and docking services work permit department, improve the efficiency and accuracy of the verification work. He stressed that the construction safety norms of the identity card, the social credit departments and units is the key step to enhance the implementation of norms of the system, perform witness consistency check responsibility according to the law, effectively prevent the fraudulent use of identity cards act. At the forum, Huang Ming and the bank staff on further inspection and verification work witness, give full play to the information system, strengthen the equipment and machine readable portrait, fingerprint matching application issues in-depth exchanges. He pointed out that the failure to establish a resident identity card information system is the Ministry of public security, adhere to the problem oriented, respond to social concerns, and launched a service of the masses, to ensure that the use of identity card security reform measures for social credit departments and units to implement the identity card checking responsibility to provide significant aid. The information system has the function of maintaining data updated in real time and dynamic, through various social credit departments and units of the network check, all lost or stolen identity card instant failure, unable to continue to use in the society. Huang Ming said that in recent years, the Ministry of public security for organizations to carry out rectification, efforts to solve the wrong account ID false problem, in the country to start a comprehensive identity card registration fingerprint work, vigorously promote social credit departments and units to implement the verification responsibility, verification network construction failure resident identity card information system and the citizen identity information system the formation of security, the identity card of the closed-loop service management. The next step, the Ministry of public security will further deepen the linkage mechanism and social sector card, fraudulent use of identity establishment personnel blacklist system, increase the use of illegal and criminal acts against the crackdown, the sound of witness does not fulfill the consistency verification responsibilities of credit unit accountability, strengthen the security of personal information of citizens protection, and earnestly safeguard citizens the legitimate rights and interests. At the same time, the broad masses of the people to enhance identity)

公安部建成失效居民身份证信息系统并上线试运行–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:公安部建成失效居民身份证信息系统并上线试运行 人民网北京10月6日电 据公安部网站消息,10月6日,公安部党委副书记、副部长黄明走访中国银行北京分行营业网点,调研贯彻落实8部门联合发布的《关于规范居民身份证使用管理的公告》情况,并与人民银行有关部门负责人和营业网点工作人员座谈交流。针对银行工作人员反映的在开展人证一致性核查工作时难以辨别身份证是否失效,以及广大群众普遍关心的丢失被盗身份证容易被冒用等问题,黄明指出,公安部已建成失效居民身份证信息系统并于近日上线试运行,将在银行试点后提供社会各用证部门,与现有的公民身份信息系统进行联网核查。 黄明现场观摩了银行窗口人员开展人证一致性核查的工作流程,并详细询问了规范居民身份证使用的有关情况,对中国银行严格落实8部门公告、依法履行核查责任等予以肯定。他要求公安部有关部门要加快与银行等用证部门的系统对接服务工作,提高核查工作的效率和准确性。他强调,营造安全规范的居民身份证使用环境,社会各用证部门和单位是关键环节,要提升制度规范的执行力,依法履行人证一致性核查责任,有效防止身份证被冒用行为。 座谈会上,黄明与银行工作人员围绕进一步做好人证核查工作,就充分发挥信息系统作用、加强机读设备和人像、指纹比对应用等问题进行了深入交流。他指出,建立失效居民身份证信息系统,是公安部坚持问题导向、回应社会关切,推出的又一项服务广大群众、确保居民身份证使用安全的改革措施,将为社会用证部门和单位落实居民身份证核查责任提供重要的辅助手段。该信息系统具备数据实时更新和动态维护功能,通过社会各用证部门和单位联网核查,实现所有丢失被盗居民身份证即时失效,无法在社会上继续使用。 黄明表示,近年来,公安部持续组织开展清理整顿、着力解决户口身份证错重假问题,在全国范围内全面启动居民身份证登记指纹工作,大力推动社会用证部门和单位落实核查责任,建设失效居民身份证信息系统与公民身份信息系统联网核查,形成了对居民身份证安全使用的闭环式服务管理。下一步,公安部将进一步深化与社会各用证部门的联动机制,建立冒用身份证人员黑名单制度,加大对冒用违法犯罪行为的防范打击力度,健全对不履行人证一致性核查责任用证单位的责任追究,强化公民个人信息安全保护,切实维护公民的合法权益。与此同时,广大群众也要增强身份证安全保护意识,一旦发现丢失被盗及时就近就地申报挂失并尽快补领新证,有效期满及时换领新证并交回旧证。登记指纹信息的居民身份证可以有效防止被他人冒用,群众可随时到公安机关办理登记指纹信息的居民身份证。 (责编:涂敏、陈康清)相关的主题文章: