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Mobile phone competition situation that you do not know the secret channel threshold – Sohu technology vivo Shenzhen special manager Li Qiong is telling her manager who — the ultimate service is the core competitiveness of stores. The old shopping guide 7 years ago to join vivo, do it from the general staff management now included more than 70 Huaqiang North experience center stores and direct marketing experience. In this 2015, Huaqiang North was considered an ‘sell out machine store experience, achieve sales season in 2014 year-on-year growth of several times. Under the overall growth of the industry in the background, the first two quarters of 2016, vivo to sales growth of 123.8%, 80.2% of the global TOP5 mobile phone manufacturers into the list. Vivo growth is not a miracle, in fact, it is because of such a large number of stores and administrators, as well as vivo channel transformation, supporting the rapid growth. Sales from traditional sales to service type, change and advantage of the channel system is true, will be similar to the automotive industry 4S system into the mobile phone industry, to create a mobile phone shop in 4S system, so far, 4S system still dominates the auto industry sales. Vivo is located in Shenzhen experience center, service personnel are the products from traditional sales to service sales experience as the center from the Huaqiang North Business District opened, because the remote location, no peer manager optimistic about this store sales prospects. "A lot of people advised me, you give up this shop, this shop really can not sell the machine." Recalled the scene, Li Qiong said, and even some employees because they can not see the hope of leaving the store. Fortunately, the vivo experience center is not the main assessment of sales, but also the assessment of employees such as the service to users, with a "stick service" idea of Li Qiong, that the great potential of a store may be mining. At present, vivo has created nearly 4000 such stores in the country, and the traditional store is different, the main bearing the experience center channel strategy, the core line of vivo is only in the past, will be sold at the core line stores, become a platform for the integration of the sales and service functions in. It seems impossible to create the line under the store, in fact, through careful service to retain the old users, as well as through word of mouth to attract new users. In this store, each shopping guide needs at least have a special service skills, to solve the problem of using mobile phone film from the customer, the customer in the license with the customer actively add each other to WeChat, ready response service. In addition, the store will also be from mobile phone maintenance, cell phone cleaning, small packaging to photo printing and even 16 services such as umbrella posted in a prominent position, vivo users can fully enjoy these services. In the service business district location, including mobile phone and other services, but also to other non vivo users with free mobile phone. The next lot of vivo store is actually OPPO, Samsung or HUAWEI this kind of strong competitors, the competition between the line of stores is very intense, from product details to the details of service users, compared to the very fine process?相关的主题文章: