Most Chinese people’s income growth will stagnate ca1871

Most of Chinese income growth will stagnate the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist to ODA in the social distribution of wealth, more wealthy individuals in terms of income growth will be more advantages, their dominance will also strengthen the self. In economics, we call this phenomenon Matthew effect. The Matthew effect be too numerous to enumerate in the case around us, but also growing. Why your life’s efforts, but also to catch up with Wang Jianlin a small goal? A conversation with Wang Jianlin, one of the billionaires on a television show, is spreading like a virus in a social network. He talked about the road leading to the richest man, sometimes you can set a small goal, for example, earn it one hundred million". Wang Jianlin commented that "small stampede in ridicule, the goal of" ordinary people, it is difficult to match the height. Western saying goes: whoever has, to him, let him more; whoever does not have, even he has will be taken. In the distribution of social wealth in the future, the more affluent individuals will be more advantageous in terms of earnings growth, and their dominant position will be self reinforcing. In economics, we call this phenomenon Matthew effect. The Matthew effect be too numerous to enumerate in the case around us, but also growing. SARFT criticized just a TV star high paycheck, two movie star took 150 million of the total fee, in total production costs accounted for more than 60%. In the beauty beautiful makeup announced the listing prospectus, we see more than half to Papi ads fee equivalent to the company’s net profit last year. Not only are superstars, but also super firms have the right to distribute their wealth – especially in the Internet age. In the China Internet community, there is a saying called "winner". If you do not do the industry’s first, and even to participate in the distribution of the interests of the industry position is difficult to guarantee. In any field of Internet segmentation, the first to take no less than 60% of the market share is a consensus. For the benefit of others is also pitiful. Internet plus the upsurge in sweeping all the traditional industries, it will change our entire economic outlook, let the "winner take all" the law has become more and more popular. The Internet itself is open, but the business model is moving in the direction of monopoly. Only monopoly, in order to harvest. What is the harvest? Is the residual value of ordinary users. We can imagine any one already has a monopoly of Internet companies, it will be the first in the industry as a whole of the largest piece of interest away. All the ecological chain of enterprises, users, will become a part of the big mac. Ordinary people by increasing their productivity, income growth, will never catch up with the growth of corporate profits and shareholder wealth. In addition to the senior management of these enterprises, high wages will be missed with most people. The Australian investment bank Macquarie Group (Macquarie Group) global strategist Viktor Shve)相关的主题文章: