Nanchang County for the province’s public 60 civil servants transferring channel — Jiangxi — peopl

Nanchang County for the province’s public 60 civil servants transferring channel — Jiangxi — original title: Nanchang County for the province’s public transferring 60 civil servants in October 6th, reporters learned that Nanchang County in 2016 for the province’s civil servants (including the civil service management) transferring clerk 60. The range of candidates for the provincial public examinations, with transferring the conditions and has civil registration (see civil registration) in the series on the province’s civil servants (including the civil service management unit) transferring. The relevant notice pointed out that not one of the following circumstances, I apply for a violation of family planning policy; in effect period stipulated disciplinary punishment, disciplinary action, organization and processing of suspected violations of the law are under review of discipline inspection and supervision organs or judicial organs has not been concluded; the illegal entry into the organs and units of work; at civil servants probation; laws and regulations in other circumstances. Registration time is from October 8, 2016 to October 23rd (9:00– am 17:00 PM). Place of registration for Nanchang county Party Committee Organization Department cadre Department (address: Jiangxi province Nanchang city Nanchang County Hubei Road No. 99 Cheng Cheng Park Building Room 1002). (Qiu Ye, commissioning editor Shuai Yun) original title: Nanchang County open for the province’s 60 civil servants transferring each candidate for a job. General requirements for each post to the post number ratio of 1:4 before the opening test, such as the insufficient enrollment ratio of 1:4, the county scale work leading group to study, to decide whether to reduce the post test proportion or the corresponding reduction of the number of jobs. If unable to open positions, allowing the registered personnel to offer other eligible volunteer. Interview to take a structured interview, the total score of 100 points. Among them, quasi transferring jobs number of 1, the ratio of 1:3 to be written; transferring jobs number of 2 and above, the written examination proportion is 1:2 (such as the selection of last appears the same results also included). Below the proportion, corresponding to reduce or cancel the job plan number position. Written examination to take closed volume, total score of 100 points. The basic theory, the basic knowledge, the basic method and the professional knowledge, the use of theory, knowledge and methods to solve practical problems. The investigation into the program, such as the object of study has found the impact of transferring and checking the case, cancel the inspection qualification. The stage of investigation, to assign staff to give up the scale, county scale work leading group to decide whether to fill. Six, analyzing the difference between the vote comprehensive examination and inspection, the county scale work leading group of candidates for the balance of voting, according to the ratio of 1:1 to determine the scale for voting, vote and more than half of the votes for the first intended scale. The difference between the vote, to be selected list of publicity in Nanchang County human resources and Social Security Bureau determined (not less than 5 working days). During the public objections, verified by the organization does not meet the scale conditions, at county scale work leading group agreed not transferring. Publicity without objection after the determination is相关的主题文章: