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New energy vehicles to subvert the routine of a new field has been a netizen said, in eighteenth Century, some kind of random disturbance, so that the earth civilization began to enter the industrial society, the rapid expansion of population, energy and resource consumption increased dramatically. In the last 30 years, human consumption of fossil fuels has been about 1 million times faster than the rate at which they are naturally formed, so how long have they been able to sustain these fossil fuels? Xiao Bian this tells you that oil can support 41 years, natural gas can support for 67 years, coal can hold up to 192 years, even if the nuclear energy raw materials – uranium, will not hold out for over 100 years! Energy is depleted, serious environmental pollution, many countries have to develop new energy vehicles, energy saving, small series can see new energy will become the new darling of the energy field, and energy consumption for serious automobile industry, new energy automotive industry in the future will be popular, oh no, now popular! August 25th, Beijing passenger car index control management system announced this year, fourth indicators for the audit results and configuration. The demonstration and application of new energy minibus indicators apply for a personal total of 16759 valid encoding, a total of 1762 units have been effective encoding, new energy index in the third quarter has been robbed. With the gradual maturity of the new energy automotive industry chain, coupled with Beijing this year, the new energy vehicle configuration index is about to run out, new energy vehicles are increasingly sought after. In the first half of 2016, the new energy sales of 46000 units, the market share of 40%, an increase of 120%, is expected to achieve annual sales of up to 120 thousand vehicles. Of course, BYD new energy in 2015 sales of 61722 units, the top of the global auto industry sales champion, to achieve Chinese overtaking. Why is BYD’s new energy vehicles favored by consumers? 300 km long Qin Qin EV300, E5300 pure electric drive, long life, just a week to charge once, you can enjoy the freedom of travel to say about 300 kilometers away. In addition, two cars 7.9s hundred kilometers acceleration; E6400 MVP super large space is also widely favored by consumers! The high coefficient of security ET-power iron battery technology besides environmental protection, can guarantee the security and stability of the use of this technology by QC T743 and UL1642 safety certification, long cycle life, no need to replace the battery electric vehicle in the life cycle of the " iron; " power battery safety performance and dynamic performance are there is a lot to guarantee and enhance the. Qin EV300, E5300 and E6400 three models are using ET-power iron battery technology, iron battery production process without pollution, safe and environmentally friendly use of the process, in addition, the use of waste batteries can be recycled. PM2.5 green net technology advanced environmental technology BYD Qin EV300, PM2.5 innovatively integrated monitoring, filtration and purification in air conditioning system, air purification and filtration through 4 layers, the PM2.5 value drops below 12 milligrams per cubic meter, purify the air inside the car,.相关的主题文章: