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New Macbook Pro and 12 annual performance? After really not how Sohu Macbook Pro released new technology, Apple claims that this is the most popular in the history of Macbook Pro, and the other head of Apple fans but complain incessantly. The high price, the lack of the traditional USB interface, Touch Bar has become a target for all chicken ribs. Recently, foreign friends will be out of the new 15 inch Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro for 12 years were compared, the results make people more angry. Under the same level of configuration, the performance of CPU Macbook Pro this year compared to 2012 increase was only 8.9% to 13%, memory read speed of the growth rate was 33%, the most significant increase from GPU, an increase of 53% to 183%. This year, Macbook Pro did not use the latest Kaby platform Intel seventh generation processor, and continue to use the Intel Skylake CPU, which is many users tucao. At the same time the highest memory support only to 16GB cannot be extended to 32GB, also let the people shouted "no professional". The memory, equipped with a video card 15 inch Macbook Pro using AMD Radeon graphics cards such instead of NVIDIA graphics. All this makes many fruit powder broken heart, the netizen said that most Macbook Pro is now called black powder, but with Macbook Pro years of loyal fans, but the new Macbook Pro is really hate powder disappointed.相关的主题文章: