Novice female driver suspected of slow transit speed overtaking the bus accident

Novice female driver suspected the bus speed is too slow to overtake the corner of the accident – Hualong, October 14th at 14:23 on the net (reporter correspondent Xu Ajuan) can you get a driver’s license on the road dare not overtake? October 11th 11 am, Chongqing City, Yubei District police detachment detachment brigade to receive an alarm that occurred in the country on the road and a bus crash occurred on the road. After investigation, just got a driver’s license, Lee driving on the road when the bus is too slow, it is not allowed to overtake the overtaking on the curve, there is a car wreck accident. The police quickly out of the police to the scene and found a bus on the right side of the door, depression, severe scratches, a white Ford sedan car was severely damaged, the left front bumper off, body deformation, debris scattered on the ground. The driver of the car was a lady, with a bruise on her forehead and blood on her face. After investigation, the car driver surnamed Li, 38 years old this year, live in Jiangbei district. Ms. Lee driving test more than a year, three light subjects resat three times, after a lot of hard work, in early October this year to get a driver’s license. Ms. Lee is very happy, in order to celebrate his driver’s license. She invited 3 bestie, she drove together to the Jialing River fish yue. Lee carrying bestie from Jiangbei District to Yubei Yue, laughing all the way, when traveling to the country Bo Yue avenue a bend, the road appeared in front of a car slowly driving the bus. Ms. Lee is too slow to drive the bus, completely affected their speed, they are not allowed to overtake on the corner overtaking. Ms. Lee is the driver, driving is not skilled, when her side bus overtaking, hit the steering wheel with the front of the car, "bang" sound, directly hit the right side of the bus body, the front of the car suddenly knocked deformed, Lee’s forehead hit the rearview mirror on the car, was badly mutilated. Lee was scared silly on the spot, stepped on the brakes, sitting in the position of the dull, did not come back for a long time. Fortunately, Lee bestie seatbelt, only Lee forehead was bruised, causing no harm to other passengers. After the police investigation found that, due to the white Ford car driver Lee in the corner overtaking caused by the accident, the full responsibility for the accident. It is estimated that two car losses more than 1 yuan repairs will be borne by the lee. According to the police "in the fourth paragraph of road traffic safety law" forty-third stipulates, "the railway crossing, narrow bridge, bend, steep slope, tunnel, pedestrian crossing, urban road section with large traffic flow, there is no condition for overtaking road vehicles are not allowed to overtake the provisions of the police to be recorded 3 points, a fine of 100 the punishment for violations of Lee at the corner overtaking.相关的主题文章: