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Online second-hand transactions, how more reliable? (livelihood sight) there are a lot of people’s visual society second-hand goods market benefits to individuals, can reduce expenditure, increase income; to the whole society, can reduce the waste of resources, revitalize. In recent years, leveraging the Internet, second-hand transactions from "store" into a "virtual store", significantly improve transaction efficiency, increasing the size of the transaction. But this does not hit the sale, there are a lot of problems and risks, to improve the relevant system design. How to make the online secondary market "vitality", so that buyers and sellers do not angry? Let us listen to the views of the public and experts. –     idle goods hand, want to go out to earn some money, where would you go? Lack of bicycles at home, want to Amoy second-hand goods, where would you buy? As before, to the flea market, flea market shopping, will open the APP login website, mobile phone, to go surfing in the virtual market? This year, the online second-hand market gradually rise, a lot of people living in a good helper — from the site, BBS APP, WeChat mobile phone to the public, the channels become more abundant; from the old mobile phone, the old computer, old furniture, second-hand luxury goods, cosmetics, everything. However, as it has just started, it is still not mature mechanism of operation, from time to time to bring trouble to both sides of the transaction. "Money away from the Internet, the goods sent by courier, time-saving and convenient and affordable, online transactions are showing considerable" would not run the flea market, what online second-hand goods? Go to Xisanqi, back and forth at least two hours!" The 40 year old Beijing office worker Wang Xiaoli is the mother of two children, she had a careful, often buy some cheap good second-hand goods, drinking machine, coffee machine at home are from the online second-hand trading platform to the Amoy, less than half the price of Lian Xinpin, good quality, with the a year is not a problem, "the money away from the Internet, the goods sent by courier, time-saving!" Into the "80 North drift Zhang Xinzhi rental, small cups, cushions, large refrigerator, washing machine, are from the Internet to buy second-hand goods," just the work of low income, second-hand goods meet the needs of my daily life, the price is no pressure. It is very convenient, search keywords, a nationwide selection of goods, can always find the right price." Relying on online secondary market, buyers can enjoy, enjoy the convenience, the seller can operate at home, "making money". Over the past five or six years, Beijing retired workers Zhao uncle often go to 10 kilometers away from the Tianbao flea market stall, selling some old appliances, old clothes, "in recent years, more and more people on the market, sometimes one day will not sell one, have to pay dozens of pieces of booth fee." Last year, Mr Zhao’s son began to help him in the online sellers, "it is opened up a new world! Can only be sold to the market before people can now sell all over Beijing and even the whole country." "Home a lot of spare items, put a place, throw a pity, give it don’t feel right. Before is too lazy, now sell a few mobile phone can Why not?)相关的主题文章: