Personalized custom home appliances, the concept of a fire is there a gimmick or really empty happynewyear

Personalized custom home appliances, the concept of a fire   is there a gimmick or really empty innovation? – home appliances – People’s network for the design of the washing machine for infants and young children, can be used for maternal use of air-conditioning, a special storage of tea wine refrigerator…… In this year’s downtown pressure on the economy is still large, household electrical appliance enterprises in the industry suffered cold, background, performance decline, revenue fell drop in profits, the reporter visited the Xi’an market to understand, and to ease out of the doldrums, household electrical appliance enterprises starting from the "home appliances customization", further market segments, in order to meet the needs of consumers more niche. Shopping malls: home appliance brand for the elderly to launch new products in September and October, is the traditional home appliance industry sales season. Reporter recently found in the city of Gome, Suning Appliance stores, flagship stores in addition to coincide with the opening season, children, students, set up a special display mini washing machine, electric fan, air conditioning, children’s children and other children’s baby food supplement food appliances in the area, many brands also for the elderly to specific groups such as the launch of the home appliance new products are particularly eye-catching. Children’s home appliances are often located in a prominent position in the store, compared with ordinary household appliances, the biggest difference lies in the two: the overall size of the product is nearly half of the product design is more lovely and colorful. A mini washing machine for washing washing capacity of 3 kilograms, because working with Disney, washing machine cover is printed on the children like Mickey, the price reached 3298 yuan, compared to the ordinary style mini washing machine sales of about 1000 yuan, nearly 2000 yuan expensive. In addition, the concept of the old air conditioning can be seen everywhere, in an electrical counters, sales staff told reporters that they are designed for the elderly, filial piety air conditioning. Air conditioning remote control buttons larger, more concise, so that the elderly at a glance, followed by silence, cold wind to avoid direct blows to the design, so that the elderly feel more comfortable……" Sales staff said that the price of about 3200 yuan air conditioning, the current sales are good. Suning Appliance in South Sanhuan shop, a washing machine is the selection of children’s mother Wang Huan said, is different from the older generation of "stress", now the young mother in the case of ability, are willing to give their children to buy specifically for the design of the product. Little child resistance, spend a little money to buy them alone to use the washing machine, cooking machine, is to buy a security." Staff Xiao Cao said, now the main force of the purchase of home appliances is "80", "90", they are relatively new concepts, are willing to pay for the health and comfort concept, therefore, the design of the series for maternal and infant children for the elderly home appliances market response customization are good parents. Trend: what kind of home appliances can be their own set, if there is no need for the home appliance style, you can go to our official website to customize." Yesterday, Suning Appliance in Jinhua Road, washing machine staff at helloKitty said the blue powder series. It is understood that HelloKitty washing machine is a household electrical appliance enterprises recently launched customized washing machines, specifically for the young OL group, after the launch of a lot of 30 year old young mother’s favor. Subsequently, the reporter login Enterprises相关的主题文章: