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Oporto: Sohu, star coordinates the birth of wine tourism roaming sweet harbor – it is because Oporto and Portugal in the name is "root – port" such a shabby sailing for the Atlantic city with prosperous pier and experienced seaman is famous in the world. Potter has crossed the high seas and brought centuries of joy to people all over the world. This period we follow the history of Potter wine, to the second largest city in Portugal, to explore the home of this sweet wine. With a history of nine hundred years, the Cathedral of Oporto > > our journey from Oporto Cathedral (Sé do Porto), the magnificent Rome church is located in the hill, overlooking the Douro River is located in the remote river on the edge of the harbor warehouse. If all the waiting room is like this…… > > from here north to arrive at the Oporto grand St. Benedict train station (Sã O Bento train station) in the waiting room by thousands of traditional blue tiles (azulejo) mosaic mosaic decoration, these paintings are painted brilliant history of the conquest of portugal. Go to the new art style Deli procurement > > not far from the station, located in the hustle and bustle of morning opposite A pé Rola do Bolhã O (Rua Formosa 279) is a magnificent art nouveau style delicatessen, here offers Potter wine and grape tooth type of every kind of food. If at the lunch time, you can try the francesinha — the Bohr schema of Ham Bread, not only material is enough and scented, edible can also collocation thick tomato sauce beer. The simple Café Santiago provides the best francesinha in the city, and it is a must for the locals. The stock exchange of the Moorish palace figure > > after lunch, let us venture into the Bella district (Ribeira) windy and all the clothes out of the tunnel, the renovation of the old city is famous for not disorderly stone steps and the church, in the sea breeze under the invasion, the building was badly weathered. The stock exchange was built in nineteenth Century in the center of the Bella District, when the port traders in the ancient stock exchange under the arch of the arch of a deal to finalize a deal with the Bibi. Arabia is the most luxurious part of the Palace – the room for Moore style decoration, walls and even spent 18 kilograms of gold plating. With the age of Eiffel Tower bridge > > out of stock exchange house, across the Louis Thi bridge (designed by Eiffel Tower designer Gustave Eiffel’s · a partner) can be reached with Newcastle (Vila Nova de Gaia), this area belongs to the port of Oporto Business Journal相关的主题文章: