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The pound fall who earn compensation in the sina finance who Europe station Hao Qian if the market believes that Britain might have suffered a "hard off Europe" (hard Brexit), Na Ying Bank of England may continue to cut interest rates close to zero, and let the state continued low interest. Investors will be more difficult to make money. At this time to buy the stock has become a choice of insurance investment. The pound fall who earn who lose in the market that the pound has to the floor price, Friday morning UK time, U.S. stocks closed at the turn of the Asian stock markets opened, a dramatic three pound metre springboard, tumbled 1.12 against the dollar — early traders couldn’t believe her eyes — fortunately later 6985 climb. Who can give a continuous two minute "instant fall" (see figure Bloomberg chart) to find a reasonable explanation, can only be attributed to computer automated trading system, as well as French President Hollande on Thursday dinner in Britain from Europe "tongue" comments, if the British hard, the French can only be tough the attitude of the challenge, otherwise it will damage the basic principles of the European union. On Friday morning, two pounds of British Prime Minister Teresa – Mei on Sunday (2) announced the timetable for the removal of Europe, stressed that the United Kingdom will not compromise on the issue of EU immigration concessions. The market therefore concluded that Britain is inevitable in the European Union on the issue of confrontation with the European Union, the pound fell to 1.27 against the dollar – a fall back to the previous 31 years ago. Although the parties still dispute British exit this in the end is "soft off" or "hard off", but the market has been: that in the UK pound tumbled off the European hard "". Right now the market sentiment is strong, but now it seems that the UK economic data is still optimistic: the devaluation of the pound to bring a big wave of international business based large company stock prices, mergers and acquisitions. A referendum on the 100 days since no place of money to buy the stock, the stock market decline led to the British pound big reshuffle — the international big company’s share price soared; focus on the United Kingdom market enterprise market is rapidly shrinking. As for the general public, the British Financial Times has suggested the British people have the intention to buy appliances and cars to begin, because retailers will soon unable to cope with the devaluation of the British pound, imports of household appliances in the Christmas will rise. Of course, the price will be not only home appliances. Europe is hard to take off, soft off, or how to take off a referendum this summer has been shuffling British politics. "Guaranteed" defeat, condemnation of former Prime Minister Cameron’s 10 Downing street is not close to the public, do not know what the public wants. The end result is a British exit: Bureau, Cameron moved to leave a few rounds of "palace fighting drama", the British government blood transfusion. As the prime minister Mei learned the lessons of his predecessor, always stressed that the incumbent government should do most people’s government, nagging to control immigration and sovereignty, cater to the vast majority of people in Britain to public opinion. The control of immigration is seen by the current conservative government as a priority. But the free flow of internal population is the EU’s biggest achievement in decades, but also the bottom line of the European union. Before the British Ministry of internal affairs asked each相关的主题文章: