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Pregnancy, weight gain is the most appropriate? Sohu healthy pregnancy is not "pig" ah…… The questioner jingling, my wife is pregnant, her mother every day Bianzhuohuayang do good to her, obviously a round face recently. Pregnant women is not fat point does not matter? Were of course not, weight control! A little fat during pregnancy is normal, but not too fat, because too fat to the pregnant mother and the baby is not good, the probability of premature birth, dystocia, gestational diabetes will increase, and lead to discomfort, while the effects of fetal safety. In general, the first 3 months of pregnancy up to a maximum weight of 4 pounds, can not be higher. This stage does not need to deliberately increase appetite, pay attention to add 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. After 3 months with morning sickness in the past, pregnant mother may usher in "do not fill" feeling, can eat some, but not more than a week weight gain a pound and a half. With the increase of body weight standard can refer to the table: Click to enlarge? Note that eat does not mean by the patience to eat, try to eat much food less, recommended to eat lean meat, egg, oatmeal, dark green leafy vegetables (such as spinach, rape) and low sugar content of fruits (such as oranges, grapefruit, apple such as food). In addition to the control of food intake, in the case of the body allows, adhere to exercise can not be less. Pregnancy is not a disease, do not let the wife lying in bed all day. What are the pregnancy diet taboo? What are the aspects of life? What is the real need to learn? According to the two-dimensional code, concerns "good pregnancy school" let her pregnancy health please indicate the source相关的主题文章: