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Promotion or brush list? Uncover the secret brush list demo software just click to download several mobile phone App can achieve a monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars, demo software spread mad in the circle of friends. Beijing Daily reporter survey found that after several days, including money, coffee, money, Master soldier test demo master such as software and demo under the banner of the market, help business, tourism, finance and other types of enterprises, take out in the App brush list, according to Apple’s App Store search ranking rules, more downloads that in a similar App ranked higher, a higher degree of concern, the legal profession, so the brush list is almost equal to the way suspected of false propaganda, misleading and consumer fraud, but because of the current evidence of the difficulties still no rights way. App demo download all kinds of monthly income of tens of thousands of App become the main way of Ms. Wang recently spend leisure time. From the beginning of September, Ms. Wang used a named "testoff soldier" demo App software downloaded nearly 100 various types of App, including the well-known electronic business platform App, all kinds of travel App and financial App, quick and simple operation, a few minutes can obtain "testoff soldier" platform 0.2-3.5 yuan reward, support WeChat cash. Ms. Wang said, download the above all kinds of App without trial, as long as the "testoff soldier" on the instructions to download the App10 minutes after the uninstall. According to Ms. Wang introduced the use of "testoff soldier" money first to have a iPhone mobile phone, at the same time, because the "testoff soldier" by App Store App is still not trust, so need to manually install the App trust. Then, open the App in start making money, the system will automatically update the user can play the App list, each App has a certain number, the first come first served the way each user can only be downloaded once. Ms. Wang to App as an example, "testoff soldier" in September 6, Ms. Wang push this demo App, according to the instructions, Ms. Wang to copy the system recommended by the "stock" keywords, and search in the App Store, "testoff soldier" prompt, the App the position in the ninth row, Ms. Wang found in the corresponding position App and complete the download, then open the App and wait for about 10 minutes, "testoff soldier" platform will automatically go to Ms. Wang demo account 2 yuan fee, this trial ended, Wang Nv will delete the App. Wang told the Beijing Daily reporter said, "testoff soldier" platform every day will push to play App in the whole point, especially in the three or four p.m. update App category and number of copies of the most corresponding demo fee is more. It is reported that Ms. Wang income has reached 184 yuan, and successfully withdraw to WeChat account of $120. Beijing Daily reporter login "testoff soldier found a platform, the platform for" light "users in September 19th one day gain of 1167 yuan, September 1st -19, 23506 yuan fee income ranked first in the demo, ranking. Promotion or map相关的主题文章: