Psychology of love and marriage the connotation of the 15 Ways of kissing (Figure)

Psychology of marriage: Connotation 15 men kissing way (Figure 15) the connotation of men kissing men kiss is not the same, so how do you feel this man is really love you, love to see this wish from several men, he is the conquest of love you, or polite kiss you, Xiaobian you summed up a lot, but also very comprehensive, all right. First, the kiss of the conquest of the kiss is bold and powerful. Almost put you alive, as if all your people from your body, let the sensory perception be aroused boiling. This time is mostly in love. That he had a strong feeling of pity for you, he will want you full possession of his love, has a condescending feeling, you will be on the tongue under control. Two, polite kiss on the forehead or lips, dry lips, elegant. He may have a lot of respect for you. Maybe he doesn’t love you, maybe out of shyness, no matter what the reason, you will have a sense of distance. However, sometimes dry wet kiss kiss more precious. Three, erotic kiss purpose is very strong, very utilitarian, such as to kiss your ears straight, that he is a veteran, he wanted to talk to you because of love, women kiss ears very can stimulate desire. Be careful this time. He or she doesn’t really love you. Four, with the kiss of sloppy, even lip is cold or not, eyes closed, that he is not totally committed or is simply not true cross. He just finished the task, in the heart is not in the heart, maybe someone else, someone else, for your love, only one kind of inertia. Five, love kiss to love you must take care of you can be assured, very sensitive, can accurately capture the emotional and physical reactions to you, kiss is careful to pamper. This kiss is the soul of gymnastics, from the inside, sincere love. Show that he is very cherish the love between you and him, for fear you hurt, such a kiss can be seen, this man is really love you. Six, love kiss your forehead, cheeks that he is optimistic, handle to change the world, have very good popularity and interpersonal relationship, the gentle lover. It shows that he is kind, gentle, pay attention to friendship, low-key, many friends, loyal to love, but sometimes too credulous. Seven, the habit of painting like licking your eyelashes, eyes, he is a very powerful warrior fighting, conquest is his ideal, and willing to sacrifice everything for love. At the same time, these people also like to kiss other sensitive areas. The sensitivity of the female eye is very high, because it is part of the heart, men kiss her eyes, there are intimate meaning. In addition, the highly sensitive eye, eye movements will be more gentle kiss when sultry. Eight, love bite your nose that he is in need of a very loving and caring man, he love love in the play, there are sometimes fun, utter innocence, love the taste of love. Although the kiss nose may sound a little funny, but can show intimacy and playful two people. Nine, especially in the ears of his insight is very strong, very tolerant.相关的主题文章: