Russia will continue to reduce military spending fell by 12% for only two years, China 13- Sohu Mili

Russia will reduce military decline for two consecutive years is only 12% Chinese 1 Military Channel 3- Sohu observer network synthesis: British Jane’s Defence Weekly website reported on October 25th, the Russian government announced a new budget plan, the new year’s total defense spending will be reduced to 371 billion rubles ($6 billion). The total expenditure from 2016 to 2018 3 trillion and 100 billion rubles will reduce 2 trillion and 728 billion rubles, reduced by 12%. Russia’s Ministry of Finance in October 2016 released the basic direction of the new spending plan is summarized as the basic direction of the budget in 2017 and 2018 and the plan is expected in 2019". By 2017, defense spending will be reduced by about 8.5% to about 2 trillion and 836 billion rubles, based on current figures, and will be further reduced by between $3.8% and $2 trillion and 728 billion in 2017. Observer network military commentator analysis, the Russian Federal military budget over the years to grow again and again. The highest budget rose nearly 1/3, but since the actual spending rate is not ideal, in the early stage of post Soviet Russia’s military once the arrival rate is below 40%, the actual recovery period of the military situation improved in place. Since the conflict in Ukraine, although Putin has been stressed that the Russian economy has not been affected by Western sanctions, but many officials pointed out that Russia’s economic situation can not continue to bear such a high military spending. Putin at the Ministry of finance minister, insisted on raising military spending. Military spending in 2015 was 21% higher than in 2014. However, the reality of the capsule can not afford to support this ambition, "Kuznetsov" for a long time can not get a major overhaul of the situation reflects the embarrassing situation. So in March this year, Russia has decided to cut real spending this year. The "son" anymore, "face" don’t hold, Russia’s new financial plan is not up to the military budget "shrink". Related information: China’s defense budget in 2016 increased by 7.6% over the previous year, reaching RMB 954 billion 354 million (US $141 billion).相关的主题文章: