Shenzhen baby Liaoning freethrows controversial interference Oprah said too much occupation (video)

Shenzhen baby Liaoning freethrows controversial interference Oprah said too much [information] Oprah occupation group of Shenzhen cheerleaders: it was not occupation should not impede the game Tencent sports news November 10th 2016-17 CBA regular season in the fifth round last night matches first 5 games, the focus of the war Shenzhen lost to Liaoning 109-113 home court. The last minute of the game, in order to let the home team have a slim chance of survival, the Shenzhen team more than Lara baby in Liaoning foreign aid Hodson to throw basket under interference, and in the judgment according to the rules they will be away from the basket, the kids still use "spoiled" tactics to leave, this behavior also triggered a huge controversy in the game, more than industry experts criticized this behavior. At that time the situation is such, Liao deep war fourth days remaining in the second quarter, Shenzhen 108-111 behind Liaoning, and at this time the ball is still in the hands of Liaoning, Shenzhen can only use foul tactics, so Hodson took the penalty line. And when Hodson penalty kick, in addition to the face of the home team’s fans, but also by the Shenzhen team basketball baby interference. More than the baby in the basket by shouting and waving the ball, trying to influence Hodson’s free throws. In the first moment Hodson penalty shot, a baby even suddenly climbed to the basket, the bottom line from the place less than a meter of interference. I do not know whether the real interference or other reasons, Hodson’s first penalty missed. The referee soon found this scene, came to the baby cheerleaders to drive away. "Go away, away from this position." But for the referee’s drive away, the girls are not willing to listen to the moment, and even spread the charming. Then in another baby persuasion, they just stay away from the bottom line position. But after the inbounds team in Liaoning, the kids and cheerleaders for the Liaoning players were interference. When this happens, the game is responsible for CCTV commentary Liu Xingyu and Zhang Yunsong have said, Shenzhen baby this behavior should not be. Huo Nan micro-blog. After the game, the Shenzhen team basketball baby behavior also triggered a huge controversy, the basketball expert Huo Nan said Lara baby is not occupation, "today Shenzhen is not the occupation of cheerleaders. Although they understand the love of their team, as the players cheer is true feelings, but the interference of players, the game between the process too should not, have the right to judge the technical foul. In the game there are special seats cheerleaders, not to go where. There are rules of love is really love." Zhu Yanshuo micro-blog. Another famous basketball commentator Zhu Yanshuo Huo Nan also said that this identity, and said the Shenzhen team found a technical foul, "this kind of situation, should be sentenced to the technical foul on the cheerleaders rules, without such a play." Click on the participation in community discussion: cheerleading illegal interference free throws, CBA off the field when more occupation?相关的主题文章: