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A single hand can carry electric single move, endurance 35 km, 200 pounds of fat can ride Sohu technology every day to work soon become very fruit gentleman heart, the bus is too crowded subway, blocking, to find a suitable city travel tool, it is not so easy. But today, very gentleman buddies to bring a compact and practical electric car, to ensure that it will be able to help you solve travel problems! It’s just one mile halo micro electric folding car. Halo with a full folding structure innovation, only need to flip the seat, and then gently pull the folding ring, 2 seconds can easily bring the car folded. After folding electric car, a very small volume, length less than 1 meters, can be easily placed in the office or the trunk of the car. And the shape of this electric car exquisite compact, Yan value is plus points. The front is an integrated LED daytime driving lights, the shape is like a heart-shaped, usually daytime driving lights, night lighting can be turned in turn can turn the lights. A new bat shaped bow without a saddle, the original split seat, sitting more comfortable. Saddle pipe shock absorber, a deceleration with what can be very good to ease. Although it is small, but the bearing is not low, 110 kilograms of fat can be pulled ~ is so strong, mainly because it uses a frame of Japan Dongli T700 carbon fiber and magnesium alloy. Halo custom version of high-speed brushless motor, climbing acceleration performance is better, the maximum mode of motion can reach 25km H. 30 Panasonic original 2900 MAH lithium battery, so that its mileage reached up to 35 km, and can be filled with electricity for three hours. Front and rear double brake, braking distance is shorter, more secure. Equipped with USB interface, the phone has no electricity to recharge the phone, it is a real mobile power. ————-END———— want it? I send you ah! Here’s a mile of aura mini electric folding bike! Fee! Send! Get 1 open WeChat, search and pay attention to the public number: extreme fruit nets 2 reply key words: electric bicycle相关的主题文章: