Singles before nude! Take TA to the Sohu – tourism exchange solemn vows and pledges

Singles before nude! Take TA to the Sohu when 5.20 of the tourism exchange solemn vows and pledges, my vacation in Hainan, has moved in seven Xian Lingshui Narada perfume Bay and Baoting Ling Jun Lan, "seaworn" and "ShanMeng are met". But just a few of the couple in the wedding trip in the two hotels "exchange solemn vows and pledges". Romantic and festive everywhere. Narada perfume Bay Resort Hotel is located in Lingshui County, famous perfume Bay Resort, opposite the cattle ridge ecological park stretches south facing the vast sea, Chinese, Hui and other islands in the South China sea. The hotel has seven hundred meters of natural private coastline, grand sea boundless mirror holder outdoor swimming pool. Narada Resort & Spa Qixian Mount is located in Baoting Xian seven Ridge National Forest Park, is a "tropical rainforest" and "hot springs and streams for the characteristics of the health theme hotel, the hotel has China most pleasant tropical rainforest, 97 natural hot springs and streams, romantic rainforest and SPA Li and Miao nationality folk customs. Perfume bay "sea", seven Xian Ling "mountain" is composed of "and the sea as the oath, and mountain League" and "second half", is a taste of Hainan folk customs and landscape planning, making many new wedding wedding and Honeymoon Wedding and a series of good choice. The remotest corners of the globe in Hainan, Narada in seven in exchange solemn vows and pledges of Xian Ling Junlan [ShanMeng] find in Narada perfume Bay [] from seven cents for seaworn ridge to perfume Bay, from mountain to seaworn, from tropical rainforest to perfume Bay coast detached Les Loges Du Park Hotel, Southeast Asian style Deluxe Pool Villa, like Narada Resorts quality that is not the same romantic experience. Love [seven cents] love Ling Jun Lan Xian Ling seven Junlan double boundless, like most of the Bali Island Ubud tropical rainforest in the boundless sky garden. The insects in the tropical rainforest birds, quiet environment, and TA hug in the quiet pool, good romantic! Love in seven Xian Ling Jun Lan, here in addition to super beautiful double boundless, and [like]! Fall in love with Narada perfume Bay, here is the seaworn []! Boundless love Narada perfume Bay, love perfume Bay Narada detached villa, love Narada perfume Bay Beach, pool love perfume Bay Narada home tea, love perfume Bay Narada glass church in Shanhai meet Narada "singles day is coming, Narada perfume Bay Resort Hotel and Narada Resort & Spa Qixian Mount to the Hangzhou food! On the afternoon of November 3rd, a romantic and beautiful brand show was held at the Narada Grand Hotel. This called "Shanhaiguan hand met Narada" and "product launches by the Hainan exchange solemn vows and pledges" Baoting county and Lingshui County Tourism Development Committee to Narada Hotel Group jointly organized. Zhou Xiaoqing, director of Lingshui Tourism Development Committee, deputy director of the Baoting Tourism Development Committee, the president of the hotel group, Mr. Wang Jianping, Liu Jun, vice president, attended the promotion meeting, such as the president of the. Rich ethnic customs of Li and Miao dance, special nose flute, originated from folk dance legend "Gan Gong bird", have staged drama exchange solemn vows and pledges, show the Hainan Sanya customs and romance. As the best vacation in AHF2016相关的主题文章: