SLI TyLoo second Navi stars League victory over the world was a good start (video) whereisip

SLi TyLoo second NaVi stars League victory over the world was a good start with a 16:10 victory over TyLoo NaVi StarLadder i-League Video Stars League second season line finals first game in Chinese game player who are most concerned about the match against TyLoo Na’Vi, the two sides have home court battle, met in April Dreamhack masters in Na’Vi, with a total score of 2-0 beat TyLoo. The two sides of the game in the final on the mirage, the two teams played on the BO3 once had this map, when the state of the excellent GuardiaN led Na’Vi to 16-5 victory over TyLoo. After TyLoo won the knife Bureau decisively chose the first CT defense pistol Bureau AttackeR rely on the success of his excellent play, and did not let them bury C4, the next two games, TyLoo is more of a gun is not it made 3-0 start, and gained good economic. SOMEBODY eco-ACE surprise four the next game, we come up with a very good performance, they adopted a special defensive tactics, arrange two defenders to connect the B and Xiaoheiwu defense, this defense received a miraculous, Tian Lu made the 7-0 start, Na’Vi was forced to suspend the call. After the suspension Na’Vi scored 2 points, TyLoo forced into the eco, which is SOMEBODY became a hero! Only in the team he has a gun case, rely on the very spiritual and tough walk marksmanship 5 killed, help Tian Lu to get this game the most critical point. The momentum of Tianlu since it is unstoppable, the first half made the 11-4 lead. In the second half, TyLoo won the game with second pistols, thrilling Na’Vi’s gun and then to 14-4’s lead. To show the world the second pike Na’Vi team style, very strong continuous score, but the score gap is too big, after the score to 10-15, NaVi failed to score, 16-10, TyLoo once again shocked the world! (5eplay)相关的主题文章: