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Smoke not measured, the empty net is how fast cleaning your room? Sohu – Science and technology in the latest issue of "new discovery" · fruit; gorgeous flowers Sahuasa is here again. My dear friends, do you miss me? Of course, Miss Guo miss you very much ~ ~ but not very Guo Guo too lazy, mainly haze is now too powerful. Hold the uncomfortable not say, the mood is not beautiful! The work efficiency is not high. · · · so many buddy gave me You need weapon a air purifier. Strike characteristic! This can not see the haze can not be really clean it? Fortunately, there are tired of the United States Guo Xiaoniu teacher, with an air purifier, very intuitive to show the actual measurement, but also made a detailed comparison. God, is this two Purifiers: Samsung KJ720F-K7586WF; PHILPS AC8622 good fruit chick began Da teacher preparation, don’t blink, please look at the screen (here on blackboard three)! Flow can not see the baby’s heart, very good to give you a summary. At the same time, there are those who only stare at the fruit girl look at the child (Hua) paper (chi), all pay attention to. First of all, buy air purifiers, the first problem to be solved? Place! (+100) because the purifier has to be sucked into the air to purify and produce new air. So the purifier must be placed in a ventilated place! PHILPS uses both sides of the wind, the top of the wind, the way it is put. Samsung uses the front into the wind, the top and both sides of the wind at the same time. Not only can be placed against the wall, even in the corner can ensure normal purification. Samsung put the wall hidden behind the wall, the overall color value. And PHILPS in the middle of the room, dragging a long wire, in case of accidentally tripped, it is very embarrassing. Outside only see the yen value brought by visual experience, very Juncai not the superficial boy, the effect is king is. So, in order to validate the effect of the design of the air, cool to experiment. The filter screen of the two filters is removed, and the smoke cake is arranged at the air outlet. Can be very intuitive to see, Samsung quickly let the smoke filled the room. Have to say, this time Samsung won. But it’s important to get in and out of the wind. Purification ability, is the focus of small partners concerned, ah, have the ability to take strength to hurt each other. So, if the teacher talked a lot of this. The CADR value is the amount of clean air that can be produced per hour, the CADR value is different, and the purification area is different. Two machines are in 700m?; h above, apply to 49-84m? 2; the house. Another CCM value, the cumulative amount of purification, is the entire machine from start to death, how many particles can be destroyed. This is our standard, 12000mg. Samsung’s CCM value of 189000 stars相关的主题文章: